Four children recovering after driver falls asleep

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Four small children are recovering from a wreck that sent them nearly crashing into a home off South Parkway.

A mangled Sedan blocked the home early Saturday morning.

The wreck ripped the trunk lid and bumper off and broke the windshield.

Saturday morning the driver of the car crashed right into a yard on Castalia, barely missing Earnest Smith’s home.

“I heard a loud boom,” recalled Smith.

Inside the car with the driver were two infants and two other small children.

“I opened up the door and saw her in the street, hollering for help. She had two newborns in her hand and two little girls with her,” said Smith.

Memphis police say the driver fell asleep while driving down Castalia and slammed into a utility pole with the back end of her car.

She lost control of the car and rammed into Smith’s fence across the street.

A now smashed garbage can helped stopped the car from hitting the house.

The impact of the crash hurt the children inside; paramedics rushed them to the hospital.

“One of them looked like she was in a state of a shock. The two babies, they had blood everywhere. They were just crying,” said Smith.

Those children are expected to be OK.

The driver is now facing a ticket for the crash and DCS is investigating for two of the children not being properly secured.

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