Southaven police officer shot while trying to arrest suspect

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. -- A Southaven narcotics officer was shot in the leg Friday afternoon.

The officer was making a drug arrest in the 1800 block of Coral Hills when police say the man they were arresting lunged for a gun.

The two men were fighting over the weapon when it went off.

"When we heard gunfire, we hit the floor," Anna Mabon said.

The shooting happened in her driveway. Mabon's house wasn't involved in the crime; it simply occurred there.

"We're doing the best to get the message across: crime in our community, we're not going to tolerate it," Tom Long, the Southaven police chief, said.

The officer, whose condition is stable, was taken to Regional Medical Center, where his comrades visited him that evening.

Police have not officially released his name, but WREG has learned he's married with kids.

The suspect is in custody.


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