Suspicious fires keep Memphis firefighters busy

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EAST MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Suspicious fires are keeping firefighters busy all across Memphis.

In just two days, two vacant homes and a vacant apartment complex unit were the targets of arson.

The most recent was at Robbin Hood and Miami in East Memphis.

This creates challenges for firefighters and neighbors.

Some of the people who live in the neighborhood say they're fed up. They say fires just keep happening there and they don't understand why.

“I seen in the last five years, I've noticed more fires than it has been,” said Peggy Winborn, an East Memphis resident.

Winborn was home Wednesday and watched the vacant house burn.

“It was so bad that things were falling in the air here,” she said.

Firefighters went door to door asking people for any information to arrest the arsonist, after they discovered the kitchen was intentionally set on fire.

Someone torching abandoned buildings makes the job even tougher for firefighters.

"Structures are deteriorated, the structure integrity of those buildings are compromised so we're concerned about early collapse, we're concerned about deteriorated walls, even the floors sometimes has holes in them,” said Wayne Cooke, a spokesperson for the Memphis Fire Department.

The three suspicious fires happened at vacant homes and a vacant apartment unit.

Winborn says she's upset this keeps happening in her city.

“Well they've got all of these empty houses that's just sitting and nobody's doing anything about it,” she said.

Firefighters are trying to see if the three arsons are related.

One of the suspicious fires happened Wednesday. Someone set a unit at the Wingood Manor Apartments on fire. A vacant home on Oriole Street was also set on fire Wednesday.