Luttrell fends off challenge from Malone

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell will serve another term after fending off a challenge from Deidre Malone.

Luttrell, a former teacher, warden and Shelby County Sheriff, has been mayor since 2010.

He told supporters at his watch party, “I think the results of the positive campaign were shown with the votes that came forward. I view this as our opportunity to ride the crest of goodwill and resolve on the part of our community to try do even more to try and address some of these very acute issues that we have.”

Malone is the founder of the Carter Malone Group and was a Shelby County Commissioner.

She previously ran in the Democratic primary for county mayor in against and lost to Luttrell in 2010 but lost.

She explained, “I really tried to stay focused on the issues, and point out the issues between me, my vision, and what I’d like to do for this county. And what my opponent did in his last four years. I really just tried to paint the difference between the two of us.”

Luttrell received 62 percent, while Malone received 37 percent. Independent Charles Nelson had 1 percent.

Malone said her campaign relied heavily on social media to get her message out, because she and Lutrell could not work out a live debate.

“That’s unfortunate for the voters. We didn’t have an opportunity for a large number of people to see us side-by-side. But we did the best that we could.”


  • Ralph Noyes


    Ms. Malone lost in the Democratic primary in 2010 to Joe Ford, who was in turn defeated by Mayor Luttrell.

    She would have made it closer had she not been handicapped by Joe Brown and Henri Brooks on the ticket with her.

    I wish some adults would exercise control over the Democratic Party in Shelby County.

  • Council Clowns

    Who cares? He’s the Mayor of the most crime ridden, poverty stricken, illiterate, uneducated, and ignorant County in the entire State of TN, and one that is a National and outright embarrassment. This place is a despicable and National disgrace.

  • D.Slayer

    This is a sad day, Mrs. Malone would have made a great and progressive Mayor. Instead we are stuck with the old boys club with the Mayor asleep at the wheel. If he can remember where the wheel is or what its for. Thanks Shelby County!!!!!

  • Hellen R

    Can’t wait for Memphis to break down the Blacks vs Whites votes…. Cause we need to know this why in 2014? Stay classy Memphis ! I too, have a dream !

  • D.Slayer

    When this dementia ragged idiot and his squad of fools kill one of the public or a county fire fighter like he die at the sheriffs office I hope you reap what you sowed along with the media which has largely ignored what he has done, or not done from the corner of the office he keeps bumping around in!!!!!!!!!

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