East Memphis residents speak out about crime

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EAST MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- People living in an East Memphis neighborhood can’t believe it -- the bad guys have been busy this year, and the residents are on to all of the crime.

So far this year, there have been at least 80 burglaries and robberies combined in the Colonial Acres area.

Some of the people who live in this neighborhood are taking extra steps to stay safe after hearing about the most recent crime in this area.

Cody Semler just moved into his Amber Street Colonial Acres home Thursday, and he's going out of his way to make sure what happened to his neighbors Tuesday night doesn't happen to him.

“It's frightening,” he said.

The word spread quickly in the neighborhood that the elderly couple was robbed. They came home to armed men in their backyard.

Now that people in the community know that crime is a problem, they're making sure they don't become the next targets.

“I'm taking steps to protect myself, we're having an alarm system put in today and I try to be mindful of my surroundings,” said Semler.

“It makes my heart sink quite a bit, I'm raising children here and desire more than anything for them to be safe,” said Joanne Lewis, who also lives in the neighborhood.

Lewis talks to her three children more often these days about crime.

“We told our kids when they come in the neighborhood, they need to look around and see what's going on,” she said.

Police want homeowners to keep their doors locked and get to know their neighbors.


  • Smitty1961

    Hopefully this is just a fluke and the neighborhood isn’t going down the toilet. This area has been pretty stable for years.

  • Ching Ching 88

    Here u go. Get a gun. Strap it on. When u come home after 10 at night, and there are thugs in ur yard, shoot them. Let the popo clean it up. Then u will sleep better. Then they will not have to be dragged thru the CJ system, which takes years. Yes we are returning to the Wild Wild West. But be alive or be dead. Ur choice. No need to be scared. Liberals are ruining this country.

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