Man beat girlfriend for having a miscarriage

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. -- Deputies say a man beat his girlfriend for having a miscarriage.

The fight happened on Lake Village Drive in Southeast Shelby County Tuesday night.

Deputies arrested Willie Hamilton and charged him with domestic assault.

Deputies say Marcie Sanders was walking along the sidewalk when Hamilton pulled up next to her. They say he got out of the car and started punching and choking her, all because she suffered a miscarriage two weeks earlier.

Neighbors like Raechel Shiplay said they are disgusted.

"It's domestic abuse and violence that shouldn't be tolerated," she said.

However, Shiplay added she is not surprised. Hamilton lives in a home in the 5300 block of Lake Village Drive. Shiplay called the house a sore spot.

"There's just trash everywhere. They don't take care of it. There's constantly people hanging out. It just doesn't look like our neighborhood," she said.

William Wilkerson is part of the area's neighborhood watch, but domestic violence is not something they train for.

"We're looking out for home break-ins, violations and drug issues," he said.

For Wilkerson, this situation hit a bit too close to home.

"My wife's sister was murdered by her husband," he said. "So we witnessed that in a family situation, and it is very sad."

While watching for domestic violence is not as easy as spotting a burglar, Wilkerson wants to keep any possible criminals off the streets.

"It's more safe for the neighborhood to have that person incarcerated so he doesn't cause any harm to anyone else," Wilkerson said.


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