Shelby County Democrats call for federal investigation, oversight of election

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Shelby County Democrats are afraid this election will not be fair. So, they are taking action before the polls open Thursday.

Tuesday, several democratic candidates demanded action from the federal government.

State Representative G.A. Hardaway and county democrats like Diedre Malone claim voter intimidation and fraud happened during early voting, and they want an investigation and oversight by the Department of Justice and FBI. "We feel that responsibility is theirs, and we're requesting and have expectations that they will fulfill them," Representative Hardaway said.

However, republicans say there is no proof, and democrats did not provide any either. The GOP said a history of election problems in Shelby County is not enough to claim there are issues now. Campaign Manager for Amy Weirich Kim Perry insisted, "We haven't seen any evidence of there being any problems at these polling locations. Certainly if there were, we would want someone to look into it."

Hardaway added he has no faith in Elections Administrator Richard Holden. Even the FBI is looking into problems at the commission. "Richard Holden has proven himself to be incompetent," Hardaway said. "Some of his actions appear to be vindictive towards employees."

Hardaway insists it is nothing personal. He even claims it is bipartisan.

Monday, the Shelby County Commission voted to ask for federal help too.


  • luvbreamfishin'

    And here we go,,,The race p i m p s are already out in force. They have NO PROOF of any wrong doing but they just got to get in front of that camera and start accusing. Are you democrats that desperate or are you just going by the obama playbook?

  • Paul Fischer

    There was more proof of voter intimidation at the Philly voting booth with the black panthers than there has been in Shelby County over the last 10 years. So why weren’t these fine folks complaining about that?

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