How about a pencil rather than a cupcake at that school party?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As many schools start their new year, many parents are being told snacks will no longer be allowed to classroom birthday parties.

In Seattle, students at the Edmonds School District were told to bring pencils  or stickers instead.

This follows the trend of only store bought snacks being allowed.

Some parents love the idea of not having to bring food to school anymore.

Others feel like those parents are Grinches and forget the joy of a classroom cupcake or other treat on that special day.

Some parents don’t even want the alternatives and would rather the day not be celebrated and be class as usual.

School leaders say the idea is to promote health and avoid sugar and to meet federal regulations.




  • Jim Forsythe

    What a silly idea! If you want to motivate the kids, reward them with something that they enjoy.

  • Bob

    How about food stamp recipients be banned from sugar? No cupcakes and soda for those on federal subsidies! Moochelle is a hypocrite!

  • Lost Cause

    >>>> to meet federal regulations.<<<< Why do you think the government took over Education ? Now they control your child …. Heath-care will be just fine and dandy won't it … Go to any Sam's club on EBT deposit day … There is so much Fruit loops , honey buns, kool-aid, chips sold it is unreal .. I know I work the check-out .. The government decides what they want to enforce .. They cut back on EBT purchases then they loose the votes .. In today's world you can can scan what you can and can't buy on EBT (if they wanted to) .. I was at Kroger and in the flower dept they have balloon baskets now that they put chips and cookies in so they can sell them as FOOD .. Big yellow sign .. use your EBT card on baskets…

  • raul

    This is not right the ppl that voted yes should think some kids may have a life threatening food allergy and could put the child in danger also that’s the last thing a teacher needs is to have a bunch of kids hyped up on sugar for the next of the day should they have a little party yes but some that can get do then back to what they were doing

    • Johnathan

      I graduated from a Memphis City high school 10 years ago as of May. Guess what? Kids had food allergies then, too. When we were little, if a child had a food allergy or religious restriction, EVERYONE was made aware at the beginning of the year to insure that there were no problems. By the time we were 8 or so, we all knew who could and couldn’t eat certain things, so we watched out for each other. And, for the most part, we had little “parties” the last 15-30 minutes of the day, so the teachers weren’t dealing with us hyped up all day. You act like there aren’t ways to compromise or do this in a controlled manner when there very clearly are. Kids are kids and need a break and a treat once in a while.

      • raul

        I’ll be honest with you my son is 8 years old and he has a severe peanut tree nut allergy that is airborne ingested and topical so bringing something like that into a class would kill him not to mention other kids that may not have an airborne allergy but may not be able to touch it so with cross contamination you’re putting another kid in jeopardy so you tell me is a cupcake potentially worth A child’s

  • Betty jackson

    That’s not a party~ it’s a huge disappointment! If the kids deserve a party, (then give them a party)! A kid will burn off the calories of a cupcake, just by asking for one. These policies are down right ridiculous!

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