Man arrested for attacking woman with a baby in her arms

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. -- A man is charged with attacking his girlfriend while their infant was in her arms.

It happened in the 5100 block of Cottswold Lane in southeast Shelby County Sunday night.

Eddie Casey is charged with aggravated assault and domestic assault.

Police say the fight all started over a pair of shoes Casey's girlfriend, Ya'tiera Addison, bought for their 10-month-old baby. They say Casey wasn't happy about it, and started attacking her with the baby still in her arms.

Casey lives with his grandmother. She told WREG she's crushed to hear her grandson was arrested.

Police say Casey punched and choked Addison, trying to pry the baby away from her.

Addison's mother, Stephanie Addison-James, tried to stop him.

Teresa Hudson lives in the neighborhood and, as a survivor of domestic abuse herself, said she saddened to hear about what happened.

"A lot of women are scared to say anything," she said. "Most of the time, they're thinking about their finances and security and the well-being of the kids."

The child was not hurt, but Hudson hopes Addison will get help so they never have to go through this again.

"I urge any woman going through that to seek some type of counseling and get out of it," Hudson said.

If you are anyone you know needs help escaping a domestic violence situation there are several local organizations you can turn to, such as the Family Safety Center and the YWCA. You can also always call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.


  • Smh

    First and firmost, don’t portray him to be this kind of individual because he was raised by a Christian home . Secondly women provoke men. She’s dramafied anyway. I know both of them and trust me something else had to be going on.

    • donthidebehindurscreen

      Being raised in a “Christian home” doesn’t mean you’re exempt from ignorance. Women and Men have the ability to be antagonistic jerks so I doubt you can put it all on her. Anyways, it takes a lil man to put his hands on a lil woman, especially with his own child in her arms. Another Memphis Savage Caveman.

    • youhavegottobekidding

      Putting an infant in harms way is unacceptable under any circumstance. Being a Christian has nothing to do with being a decent human being.

  • Baby Mommas and Baby Daddies

    It is almost impossible to follow a story line in todays journalism and life style. Baby Mommas and Baby Daddies. In this account, Eddie Casey has a baby momma named Ya’tiera Addison. They have a 10 month old child which is not named. Casey is angry because Ya’tiera bought the baby some shoes. Ya’tiera must have spent his drug money because I know it isn’t for rent or food because Casey lives with his Grandmother. I have no idea where Ya’tiera lives as that is omitted. The rest of the story you just have to use your imagination. I would guess that Casey is over 18 since his name is used and it says nothing about Juvenile Court. They name Ya’tiera so I would have to guess she is over 18. I can further guess where their food, housing, and medical care are received. You have to know the Plantation rules in order to understand why the baby momma and baby daddy have different addresses. I am certainly aging myself because this new American Great Society is very confusing. I guess there is some good in all things because Casey will never qualify for a weapons permit with domestic abuse on his record.

  • Nowwhat you are talking about first

    All of you all are indecent human beings before you know exactly what happened,please stop sending comments especially the ones that are stereo typing no one knows what happened but the people that was there and channel 3 news and the media has really overblown this story no one was fighting and no one put there hands on her. And this had nothing to do about any shoes. Learn the story before you start talking. Any woman that fights her own mother has got to be having some serious issues so before you talk know the facts first.

    • donthidebehindurscreen

      Ok..well since you apparently know more than the NEWS station does why don’t you tell us the real deal instead of trying to attack people for no apparent reason. So what you’re really saying is they should be charged for making a false report because that’s where the journalist got their story…geez you people are idiots!! You were probably holding the video camera at the time..or cheering him on since you seem to be defending him..there’s nothing about a fight with her mom so that’s a bit random…but anywho..not wasting my precious time perpetuating more ignorance so I digress.

  • Prayer Team

    Anyway IT go he was totally wrong for putting his hand on her especially with a baby in her arms (Really). That’s just stupid and childish no matter bout the Christian home,her fighting her moma is her and her moma business!!! Just keep it Real People….

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