DeSoto County supervisors decide on warehouse project

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HERNANDO, Miss. -- DeSoto County supervisors met Monday to decide the fate of one of the county's most controversial projects.

They approved rezoning some land just east of Olive Branch from agricultural to commercial to accommodate a new warehouse development.

A public hearing two weeks ago packed the board room as residents and developers made their case to supervisors.

It was enough to prompt supervisors to put off a vote until August 4th to gather more information.

But Monday was decision day, like it or not.

Vicky Weyman was among dozens of people who packed the supervisors' meeting to argue against the huge proposed warehouse development near their homes.

"What we’re looking at is the development of this whole part of town going away from families and new schools and neighborhoods," she said.

And toward huge warehouse developments.

Warehouses already take up acres of land north of Goodman Road, but these folks had hoped to keep them there.

The legacy park project would change that.

"Bringing in new business and industry is how we’ve been able to keep our tax base stable in DeSoto County," DeSoto County Supervisor Mark Gardner said.

Gardner says that takes pressure off property owners to pay for growth.

He added supervisors’ hardest job is to balance the needs of residents with the needs of business.

"We have heard their voices loud and clear and we’ve been able to mediate a lot of their concerns," he said.

But some residents say that’s not enough.

"If we settle for this type of development, that’s the only kind of development we’re gonna get," said Weyman.

And that’s what people here say they fear the most, and it’s only the first of many arguments to be made in DeSoto County.

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  • langor1

    And then when they do raise taxes (and they will), you’ll have a nice industrial park next to your neighborhood, why (Love canal) would anyone not want that. Who can blame people for being opposed to this and not believing the “it keeps taxes low” drivel.

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