Tax-free weekend shopping guide

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Another tax-free weekend is officially underway in the Mid-South.  In Tennessee and Arkansas, shoppers can buy certain items tax-free over the next few days.  Here’s a guide to get you through the madness!

What’s eligible? (Click on each state to see an itemized list)


  • Clothing – $100 or less
  • School Supplies – $100 or less
  • Computers – $1,500 or less


  • Clothing – $100 or less
  • Accessories/equipment – $50 or less
  • School supplies

Can I order online? 

Yes.  Qualified items sold via mail, email, telephone or internet can also be purchased tax free if the customer orders and pays for the item, and the retailer accepts the order during the holiday for immediate shipment.

If I put something on layaway, will my purchase be tax-free?

Yes. Qualified items previously placed on layaway are exempt when the final payment is made during the holiday. Items are also exempt if placed on layaway during the holiday and the final payment is made after the exemption period.

What if it’s out of stock/on back order?

If a customer wants to order a certain tax-free item during the holiday and it’s not in stock, the item remains tax-free upon delivery.

The information above was gathered from the Tennessee Department of Revenue.  If you have additional questions, read this.

Getting the best bargain

Save money on school supplies

Just because you don’t have to pay tax on your purchase doesn’t mean you’re always getting the best deal.  The same rules apply for savvy shoppers who want to save money!

  • Shop the backpack/attic – Check your previous stash of school supplies and clothes first. There might be items that were gently used during the last school year. Also, clothes your children haven’t outgrown are perfect to start the new year. Keep in mind, they’ll likely need new stuff again as the winter and next spring approach. Yes, they grow that fast!
  • Do your homework – Look at store circulars online first. See which retailer is offering the best deals. This is also the time to gather your coupons, check rewards points, or anything you may need before heading to the store.
  • Price match – Why drive around to different places to get the best deal? Simply take the store ads with you, or pull them up on your smart phone and ask the retailer to match the best prices.
  • Try discount stores first – Don’t ignore these places over the weekend! Discount retailers like T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross are stocked with clothes, backpacks and shoes just like every other retailer this time of year. Check their clearance aisles first. These are also great places for parents to nab items for their college student’s dorm room too. Stores like Big Lots and even Aldi (yes, they sell more than groceries) are good stops for kitchen supplies. Also, if you see an out of season item that’s marked down (that will fit your child in a few months), buy it now, so you don’t pay full price later.
  • Find double duty deals – Look for deals that allow you to stack your savings. This means using a coupon with a sale, or shopping through a website that pays cash back, or points. You’ll also see lots of buy one, get one deals.
  • Let technology work for you – Use scanner apps on your smart phone to price check in the store.
  • Don’t forget those gift cards – Now is a great time to pull out those gift cards that you may have received over the past year. It’s also a good opportunity for your children to use them if they want something special.