MATA offers low fares for students grades 1-12

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Area Transit Authority will be offering low bus fares to ride MATA buses for elementary through high school students.

Students will be required to present a MATA ID card that displays their name, photo, school and age when boarding buses, in order to receive a discounted fare rate. These cards will be called FastPasses.

MATA student ID cards are available at MATA’s customer service center in the William Hudson Transit Center at 444 N. Main Street at Auction.

Students will need to two forms of identification and $3 to cover the cost of the ID.

For more information, contacts customer service at 901-523-8134.


  • Gonebabygone

    MATA shuttles could be a solution to bus contracts to the schools. Ridership is down and this is one way they could recoup. They are offering reduced fares that could help offset the cost…or maybe they could propose a service contract for a portion of the schools to free up the nonunion drivers for the rest.

  • poolgirl2

    Gee, what a novel idea! We used bus cards when I was in school, or walked, carpooled, or our parents took us. Go figure. Of course, in Memphis, we have the added concern of fighting, bullying, etc. among the kids. No problem, just call their parents on their (kid’s) cell phone and tell them where to pick them up after dropped off for bad behavior. Or put a security guard on yacht bus, still cheaper than running their own bus systems. Not their core core competency. Quit coddling.

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