We put the Slushy Magic to the test

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Are you looking for a new way to cool off this summer?

If so, the Slushy Magic claims to make slushies within seconds with no ice and no blender.

The question is, Does it Work?"

Jennifer Pearson is a busy mom of two who likes to take a time out for a cool treat, "I try to make smoothies at home for them sometimes, but Sonic is our go to place for slushies."

With no ice and no blender needed, Jennifer could whip up a mess free slushy without loading up the kids in the car.

The Slushy Magic comes with a slushy magic shaker cup, three reusable magic freezer cubes, slushy magic lid, spoon-straw and instructions.

For starters, place the three magic freezer cubes in the freezer for two hours.

Jennifer removed the magic cubes from the freezer and placed them into the magic shaker cup, "I can't imagine a little ice cube turning it into a slush!"

She poured the watermelon Kool-Aid over the magic freezer cubes to the fill line and placed the lid on with a quick twist.

Now you shake the magic cup for two minutes.

Jennifer thought it would have been slushier if the ice cubes were in the freezer longer, "They weren't frozen solid so if you left them in the freezer over night, or just kept them in the freezer, they would have frozen better."

Since it did turn liquid into slush, and the kids loved it, we think it Passed the Does it Work test.