Cameras being used to catch illegal dumpers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Shelby County government is now using cameras to curb illegal dumping.

Hidden cameras recently bought by Shelby County are busting people who illegally dump tires, trash, tree limbs and construction debris.

Just last month, nearly 100 tires were dumped on the side of the road in South Memphis, and police don’t know where they came from or who put them there.

The cameras captured some dumpers within 24 hours of being set up the cameras.

Mya Jones tells WREG it's about time the county did something.

"It's crazy! Ridiculous really. it's ridiculous," she said.

Jones is sick of seeing people drive down her street dumping their trash. She says it stinks up the whole road, and is thrilled to hear the county is finally doing something about it.

"When it's hot, it gets really bad."

The county's department of public works says they spend nearly $100,000 a year cleaning up trash in this area, so they bought three of cameras for about $18,000 to monitor the problem.

Tom Needham expects they'll pay for themselves quickly. In fact they already caught one person this morning.

"We turned it over to the sheriff and the sheriff is in the process of doing something about that," he said.

These cameras can see your face, your car model and even your license plate. In fact, they'll soon be able to talk to you, too.

They will say, "You are in a restricted area, your picture has been taken. You must leave immediately."

Jones tells us she didn't know the camera on her street was up and running Wednesday, but she was happy to hear the news. She thinks this will really help.

"I think they've done what they need to do. The cameras might just do it," she said.

Needham plans to set up another camera in the Millington area. He says they will rotate locations once problem areas clear out.

Public Works employees are working daily with sheriff's deputies to identify violators caught on camera.


  • Rational Thinking

    I guess they don’t see the sell at Bass Pro on the hunting cameras. This city just wastes and wastes and wastes more money daily. Freaking idiots. They are going to pay $18k when they can get a camera for $100. Freaking democrats

  • youhavegottobekidding

    We really don’t know what type of camera’s they bot and if they have a live monitoring system. You know if they bot a bunch of hunting camera’s they would just be stolen.

  • Redneckin4Fun

    What does live monitoring do? The law enforcement inside the city limits wont respond quick enough to catch anybody anyway. They usually give a call about 15 to 30 minutes before they respond so they don’t get caught up in Live Action. They don’t even want to do the reports needed half the time. What a joke this blackhole black city is.

    • youhavegottobekidding

      Live monitoring is better than some $50 trail camera that can’t take a decent picture….even if they can’t get their in the 20 seconds you allow.

  • Worst dumping is on the border

    This dumping makes the news but the dumping of ILLEGALS on our southern borders is not newsworthy? Now which dumping is hurting this city and nation the most? The southern border dumping is costing us BILLIONS per year for medical, schools, EBT cards, Section 8, jails, monetary allowances, foster families to be paid with tax dollars, free lawyers, and the stealing of our jobs. Now why is it this dumping is making the news but the Democrat dumping taking place on our borders is ignored.

  • Maurice Gibb

    If we can get the court system to impose a fine of $500 PLUS 50+ hours of community service we have a self-sustaining system: We can spend the violators’ fine monies on more cameras and we can have an almost unlimited crew of free labor for the cleanups.

    You can’t expect the county to purchase some el-cheapo cameras from the local sports store. That’s pretty stupid. These cameras are WAY more sophisticated than those pieces of junk. Who would expect their local gov’t to do something like that?!? What next, give the cops go-karts because they are cheaper? Give the trash men wheelbarrows? Please think things through.

    Some people are never happy. If the county does something to stop a problem the naysayers have to find *something* wrong with the solution. For halting illegal dumping THESE CAMERAS ARE EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED. Rather than whine, say nothing at all (or run for office and put your butt in gear instead of your mouth).

    The cameras are designed to record the crime and gather evidence, like a traffic cam, not to provide real-time monitoring for some cop to sit somewhere and watch a screen (again, think things through, aight?).

    Oh yeah . . . This has nothing to do with the children at the border, so comments of that nature are just wasted typing in this context.

    • Brian

      A refreshing display of intelligence, to be sure…

      Sometimes I wonder if WREG employs a filter that blocks anything with any semblance of reason or logic, ’cause all you generally see here is a bunch of race-baiting trolls.

      • This trash is miniscule to what is coming

        Well what do we have here. Two dumbocrats complimenting each other on their ignorance. First you cannot make people clean up. What are you, in your 20’s? Back in the day the Penal Farm had to grow their own food, and be self sufficient until a CRIMINAL said that was cruel and inhuman punishment and some dumbocrat judge agreed with him and now the taxpayer has to pay to feed these scabs on society. And anyone that thinks the government is going to take fines and expand a program has rocks for brains when everyone knows we need money to fix the trolleys. Now while you two worry about a few tires the rest of us are discussing issues that affect this nation and not this diversionary pap put out by the Obama loving media. Ever been south of the border and seen the trash in the cities down there? This is Eden on earth compared to that and while the borders are bringing in that type citizen you are telling us how to clean up an area. LOL

  • ron

    Why doesn’t the city pay 1 dollar for each tire like they did last year when brought to a proper disposal area. 100 bucks and they are gone. It would cost the city more in labor to go clean up the tires and place them in a proper landfill. I don’t know. This actually makes too much sense.

    • Maurice Gibb

      I agree. The $1 per tire is a smart program from an economic approach. A buck a tire is a bargain. Tires can be recycled and the county doesn’t have to expend valuable landfill space. The problem is more than tires are being dumped.
      How about a buck a tire AND the camera program? Litterbugs can either turn their tires in for a few dollars or pay several hundred dollars and do community service picking up other litterbugs’ trashpiles.

  • Maurice Gibb

    @This Trash is miniscule:
    “You cannot make people clean up”? Really? Yet you can: Order them to spend the rest of their life in prison . . . make them pay taxes . . . force them to DO COMMUNITY SERVICE (which is EXACTLY what I proposed . . . happens all of the time). Read a paper.

    . . . and the penal farm’s current condition has nothing whatsoever to do with the trash problem in the county, so that statement carries no merit.

    Heres’ something you obviously missed: The COUNTY is placing cameras out to stop the litterbugs, NOT THE CITY. The city owns the trolleys. So, what’s that about trolley money? Hello.

    If you must continue “discussing issues that affect this nation and not this diversionary pap put out by the Obama loving media” you might try an appropriate article. You know . . . one that is ABOUT that and not about the new trash cameras. As far as Mexico is concerned, their trash is not in Memphis so again . . . irrelevant to this discussion.

    Now, go back to your basement room in your mom’s house and sit beneath your little lamp and write angry letters to the government about how Obama’s trying to eliminate the elastic bands in your underwear. The grown, taxpaying folks are discussing a solution to the local trash problem.

    • youhavegottobekidding

      Maurice….many people have no idea the difference between City, County, State and Federal.

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