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Witness says post-kidnapping video of Holly Bobo exists

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Holly Bobo

LEXINGTON, Tenn. – Holly Bobo was seen on video after she disappeared, according to a witness during a court proceeding Tuesday.

Jeff Pearcy was in court when a Henderson County judge ruled there is enough evidence to continue the case against Pearcy who is charged with accessory after the fact and tampering with evidence .

Sandra King, who once lived with Pearcy, testified she saw a video of a tied up woman crying, “I seen [sic] a woman tied up. She was crying… she was blonde. Yes, it looked like Holly Bobo. I did not want to see more.”

King also testified Jeff told her Mark had a video of Zach Adams having sex with Holly Bobo according to WTVF-TV.

King said she went to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation two weeks after seeing the video.

Jeff Pearcy testified there is no video of Holly Bobo.

Zach Adams is charged with Felony First Degree Murder and Especially Aggravated Kidnapping in the disappearance of Holly Bobo, though a body has never been found.

Read more from WTVF-TV.



  • Harry

    Whitedemon must be a product of the Memphis City School System. Your post made no sense and your grammar is terrible.

  • Erin

    Not all white people are bad! I had a man of a different race abuse me, but I’m not saying everyone in that race is bad and not to trust them! Playing the race card still in 2014 is pure ignorance. There are good and bad in EVERY race!

    • whitedemonsandblkfools

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    • whitedemonsandblkfools

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  • Terry Rheuark

    WHITEDEMONS, you are an idiot. People of color kill each other every day , if you have nothing of any consequence to say, why don’t you just keep your mouth closed and let people wonder instead of opening it and leaving no doubt?

  • Jeanina_o8

    Trust me I knew exactly what you meant by pale faces. Thats why I called you a ignorant racist. If it makes you feel better to think that your race only kills after thinking twice about it we will go with that. I think you need to watch the news a little more. I just got finished watching a black man getting charged with beating his 3 year old son to death. Now you want to tell me he thought twice about that? What about the woman who killed her 9month old and threw her in a ditch?

    • whitedemonsandblkfools

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      • Jeanina_o8

        I dont make excuses for anyone who does these bad things it has nothing to do with anyone’s skin color everyone’s blood runs red. It has to do with morals and a Godless society.

  • nobody

    It’s starting to sound like a bunch of rednecks kidnapped this young girl and gang raped her, then killed her. I know the death penalty is barbaric, but would really like to see these people put down.

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