Murdered toddler’s mother gives emotional testimony

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The trial for a man charged with beating his 3-year-old son to death is underway.

Maurice Brown is charged with murder, child abuse, and resisting arrest.

Young Maurice Brown, Jr.'s body was found in a dumpster two years ago.

The boy's mother, Latoya Kennah, lives in Pine Bluff, Ark., and took Junior to stay with his father in Memphis two summers ago.

On the witness stand Tuesday, she said Junior had been acting out at daycare, and she hoped a summer with dad would calm him down. She never dreamed that would be the last time she would see her baby alive.

"I should have just came and got him," she sobbed. "I'm sorry!"

Kennah said Brown called her and asked her to come get Junior from Memphis, where the boy was visiting him. She offered to meet him halfway to pick him up, but Brown refused, so Junior stayed with him.

Kennah would never see her little boy again.

During opening statements prosecutors described the child's bruised body, which was found in a dumpster not far from Maurice Brown's apartment just days after he was reported missing.

"There were multiple contusions and abrasions...lacerations to his head," prosecutor Jennifer Nichols told the jury.

Brown's lawyer, John Keith Perry, insists it was all a terrible accident. He told jurors Brown tried spanking Junior with the belt after he wet himself. He put him to bed, checked on him later and noticed he was not breathing.

"The boy is dead. the boy is not moving," Perry said. "This father, panicking, gives the boy CPR."

The defense said that explains why Junior had bruises on his chest.

As for why the boys body was found in a dumpster, Perry said Brown just panicked.

The prosecution paints a different picture of an angry and violent father who beat the toddler so badly, he bled to death internally.

Whose version is right? That will be up to the jury to decide.

The defense said Maurice Brown will take the stand in his own defense. Two years ago when Junior was thought to be missing, Brown cried in front of television cameras pleading for his son's safe return.

The death penalty is not on the table, so the jury will just have to decide whether he should spend the rest of his life behind bars.


  • whitedemonsandblkfools

    If this guy did this the good brothers of the TN PEN will deal with this scum dude, looks like you killed your own blood worse than the demons


      Good brothers in the pen? Contradictory statement. I forget that the majority in the pen are innocent. You give our people a bad name DUMB DUMB.

  • Robert

    “The death penalty is not on the table, so the jury will just have to decide whether he should spend the rest of his life behind bars.”
    WHY is the death penalty not being considered in this situation? Life behind bars, or what? Set him free? How is that even an option?

    • MissTee

      Harder to convict if there is any chance of reasonable doubt, and there probably is a chance (not that I think he is innocent, but I haven’t seen the evidence).

  • Lady Elle

    I don’t understand why the death penalty isn’t on the table. Regardless of if he meant to or not he killed a baby, his own baby. So, he should have to suffer the same consequences.

    • Zetta

      People please let us all pray, I understand this was his own child, but the Bible also states revenges is minds “said the Lord, ” allow God to rearrange this situation and he will, every seed that has been sown he will reap, I promise in due time, killing him, make us no better then him. This is a God case now let us go up in prayer.

      • Nick

        The Bible also states that whomsoever breaks the law of man faces the penalty that men set foward. So kill his sorry self.

  • D

    The child bled to death…internally…..ugh, not A spanking! Stop crying dad &.take urs like a man…..

  • Tracy Smith

    He should free himself from wasting time, court and taxpayers dollars and state he deserves the death penalty for his actions. Then to plea on the media for who ever took his son to please return him! Shame on him!

  • BellRinger

    I would lIke to hear why the Death Penalty is not on the table…. This man should be put to death resuscitated, and put to death again. IN THAT ORDER!

  • austinandjustin

    Ms. Latoya Kennah, if you read my comment please know that you didn’t do anything wrong. You were trying to do right by your son and how could you do the child’s father would do so wrong. I pray you can find peace.

  • Carmen CaBoom

    His conscious has gotten to him and provoked him to tell half the truth, yet those demons in him have provoked him to twist the truth in efforts of trying to save himself from serving hard time or facing death. I say, as a man and the child’s father, he should lie down his life in honor of his son if he’s really remorseful about it. That child didn’t hit his head SEVERAL times…as if he just kept tumbling over and over again after one fall…umph…and that child didn’t deserve to be beat just for getting bath water on the floor and he most certainly didn’t deserve to be killed for it. My God…My God…Umph…smh…

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