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Group turns empty lot into football field for Binghampton kids

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- With each grain of sand laid, Memphis Gridiron Ministries is laying a foundation for Binghampton kids' futures.

The group turned a lot behind the Tillman police precinct into a youth football field. The lot is owned by the Binghampton Development Corporation.

They donated the land to MGM a year ago to start a football program for neighborhood children.

MGM Chairman Wade West said, "Since we're a community team made up of Binghampton kids who go to school in Binghampton, it was important for us to practice and play in Binghampton."

What really makes this a community project is the fact that everything from the equipment used to maintain the field to the football helmets the kids wear are donated.

High school student Jacob Isom volunteers at the field before heading off to his afternoon wrestling practice.

"We're putting sand on the field so when the middle schoolers fall, it doesn't hurt as bad," he said while filling holes with sand.

West said, as they to get ready to start their second season on the lot with third fourth and fifth graders, the Binghampton Bulldogs team is teaching kids about much more than just football.

"[It's] teaching them teamwork, teaching discipline and holding them accountable... While we love sports, it's just an activity and a recreation. what's truly important is their school," he said.

The team hopes to raise enough money to buy a scoreboard this year.