What’s next for 700 immigrant kids brought to Tennessee?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- More than 700 kids illegally in America are now in Tennessee reunited with familiar faces.

The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Resource Coalition says most of these kids came to Tennessee to be reunited with parents, aunts and uncles. A majority of them are in East Tennessee.

Eben Cathey is the spokesman for TIRRC. He says most of these kids are from places like Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. The next step is family members, who may or may not be here legally, fighting to keep them in America.

He says this is a chance for state and federal agencies to work together to tackle this crisis.

"If you are able to to return home for folks who are able to take and remain with family members here in the states."

Latino Memphis is also interested in helping these families find lawyers, because the only immigration court in the state is based in Memphis.

Executive Director Mauricio Calvo said, "Latino Memphis is excited to hear that these refugee children are being united with their families after a long journey. We stand ready to assist them in any way we can, including legal representation."

Governor Bill Haslam expressed his frustration with the Obama administration for bringing 700 minors here without a heads up, because now it will be up to the state immigration court to handle all of the amnesty cases.


  • impulse item

    After signing them up for every government program to ensure that all their needs are fulfilled they will be sent around the state to campaign for Janice Fulladope, Henri Crook and A.C. Avoidon.

  • Arguenot

    I agree…reunite them. Then charge the parents, aunts and uncles with endangering a child. To avoid prosecution, they can all return to their home countries. This is absurd and is another burden on the tax payers.

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