Police: Robbers hid behind trees at park, beat victims with tree branches

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police are looking for the suspects who targeted Audubon Park Monday after several reports that walkers and joggers were under attack.

Police said the suspects were targeting innocent victims with tree branches.

Cop cars lined the paths as the sun started to rise Monday morning.

A man told police he was jogging when several men, who were hiding behind trees, hit him in the head with branches and then tried to rob him.

Police said the victim booked it before things got worse. He was not seriously hurt.

Pat Moody was working out at the park when the attempted robbery happened. She tried to think what she would have done.

"I would try to beat the stew out of [them], but that wouldn't help, so I would call the police," said Moody.

She said she's never felt threatened at the park before, and she's gone there for years.

"I feel very comfortable here, and I come early in the morning," said Moody.

The robbers got away. Police didn't give WREG a description of what they looked like.

Moody said this a word to the wise: always think on your feet.

"I am always watching out what's around me and what's going on no matter where I walk," said Moody.

If you were at the park Monday and have any information, call MPD at 901-545-2677.



      Maybe you should blow out some of the hot air in your chest, before you say what you are waiting for. Or your gonna do something stupid that will make you a roommate with those same ones your waiting for. Smh!!

    • Mike

      Him, you are correct. Are we racist just to assume? Or is it that we have lived here for so long that we just know.

  • Nightrain

    And people wonder why there is a race problem in Memphis. Maybe it is because white people are getting sick of being attacked and those attackers are almost always black. He first 7 minutes of the news is almost always crimes by black people. Yeah I know, it has nothing to do with race, but the facts are that black people commit most of the violent crime in the city, thus causing a negative stereotype for all black people. I know when I see a group of young black people, i get nervous and become more aware of my surroundings. That is not racism, that is taking facts and using those facts to protect yourself.

  • whoyoukiddin

    Maybe the city will now get up there and clean up the mess of all the tree branches so innocent people will not be attacked by them. I hope all of you have noticed there are people of all color that use Audubon Park for walking/jogging. I agree with the woman beat the you know what out of them. It is time for the citizens of Memphis to take their city back and quit pussyfooting with electing idiots just because of their color. Elect them for what they will do for this city and not make themselves any more richer off of you!!

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