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Mom whose baby was born addicted to drugs turns herself in

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The woman wanted by police because her baby was born addicted to drugs turned herself in Monday.

Jamillah Washington is the first woman in Shelby County, and just the second in the state of Tennessee, to face charges under a new state law that criminalizes drug use while pregnant. In other states, prosecutors aren’t able to charge mothers for drug use during pregnancy, although several states classify it as a child welfare offense.

Last Wednesday, a warrant for simple assault was issued for Washington, who gave birth July 5 at a local hospital.

Medical personnel drug tested the baby, then notified DCS after receiving the positive results.

DCS then informed MPD on July 17  that the baby was addicted to drugs. The Sex Crimes/Juvenile Abuse completed its own investigation and then issued the warrant.

Friends of Washington said last week she was waiting to turn herself in until she had collected bail money.


  • Who That Say Who That???

    I hope and pray both her and her child get the treatment they need. Drug addiction is a powerful thing and destroys anything in its path.

  • youhavegottobekidding

    Maybe the drug dealers need to start cutting their stuff with birth control pills.

  • Terrie

    This is ridiculous! These criminals RUN the system. Not the other way around. She hid out until she had the bail money??? Really? BECAUSE of that there shouldn’t be a bail!!! Talk about “Laughing in the face of Justice!” She’s had 4 babies before this that died. How did they die I wonder.? NO, she needs to be kept.

  • whitedemons

    Terrie you are a bald faced pale face liar. You know about four other kids how? Are you a health worker violating hippa? Gtfo devil

    • Nick

      If you read other sources you would also know about her other MURDERED children. She used heroin 2 days before giving birth. I wonder how you are going to twist this to white people doing it?

  • Evette

    What other sources If 4 of her babies had died, I’m sure this website would have already mentioned it SEVERAl times.

    • whitedemons

      See why I detest these pale face devils? If this woman had 4 dead babies due to drug use it would have been reported. All they do is lie.

      • donaknowsitall

        Why are you hiding behind a racist screen name like WHITEDEMONS? Couldn’t you think of something better than that, like maybe RACISTFREAK?
        You are a racist. You and the others like you give Memphis and the surrounding areas a very bad name.

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