Is sales tax increase proposal gaining any traction?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- In the ongoing saga over Memphis city workers' health benefits, ministers who make up the Southern Christian Leadership Conference endorse an alternative: raising the sales tax.

But is it gaining any traction?

The Informed Sources team discuss.


  • Gonebabygone

    The messengers proposing it make me weary of the motives for backing a sales tax increase. SCLC backing what some sharing their political leanings called regressive previously? Sounds fishy.

    Better than putting screws to the remaining property owners like they have for over two decades, but fishy nonetheless.

  • lawman

    To all you Baptist ministers with you hands in the cookie joy. Here is a thought, you live in $300.000.00 homes and drive expensive cars and wear expensive suites begging twice on Sunday to fill the plate with pastors appreciation while your struggles to LGW on. You wanna lead by example? Donte your yearly salary and come join those of us who live pay check to pay check. That is what we call leading by example other wise as my father would say you are a cloud with no rain.

  • Phil Cook

    I may be wrong but I believe early voting has started and absentee ballots sent out and neither includes a tax increase option. If the public has to approve the increase, it’s dead in the water. Many won’t have the option to vote either way.

  • lawman

    To all you Baptist Ministers with your hands in the cookie jar here is a thought. You live in $300.000.00 homes and drive expensive cars and wear expensive suites and beg twice on Sunday to fill the collection plate for pastors appreciation while your saints struggle to pay Memphis light gas and water. You wanna lead by example don’t ask to raise taxes donate your yearly salary. As my farther would say otherwise you are a cloud with no rain.

  • Joe

    I think it would be better to use the sales tax here. Ford doesn’t want to use it for the city employees, because he can’t get his hands on it when it is gone. I REALLY think someone needs to audit the city government to see where all the money goes. What happened to the $10 million they spent on the city school system every year that’s free now? Or a citizen review board to take a look at all the parties, meals, cars, perks, city taxes pay for. No one should be chauffeured around on tax payer money. They may think the are kings, we need to show them the are employees. All the desk jobs that have been created for friends, relatives. You know the good ole boy system didn’t go away. Take a look at theft and waste, you know there is a lot of it going on with no one accountable. You know how the past government threw money at problems. That is why we have no money today. Make someone accountable. Most of the same people are still there….

    • Thomas H. Evans

      So, who will select the people to over see this accountability you speak of. If it didn’t happen by now what makes you think anyone will ever be held accountable for anything in this city? If you really want accountability then make sure you and others spend more time next year in helping to get these crooks out of office. Who cares that they live in $300,000 houses and drive fancy cars (whats a fancy car these days), ministers do that all over his country. What we need is new leadership, bottom line. Accountability, not a factor unless the FBI gets involved. (THE)

  • Joe

    That’s the problem Thomas! You help decide who. You come up with some ideas. Everyone just wants to argue. We know the problems, always has been. We can’t vote these people out, too many people vote for a name, don’t care about the city, just themselves. A State Audit of the city government should be routine, common people can’t do that. City workers know who has there hands in the cookie jar or see abuse daily. Do they have a Hot Line they can anonymously report misconduct? They do where I work. Agree, the ministers, church members, and the church is there business. At least someone stepped up with some suggestions.

  • Give us your money

    Yeah lets vote to give more of our money to public employees. The public employees have benefits that basically NO ONE in the private workplace has and these buffoons actually have the chutzpah to ask us to give more of our EARNINGS to them?? The sad thing is, it wouldn’t surprise me if the people of this city actually voted to turn over their paycheck to these corrupt fools. Hey maybe we can get an Arena Football team or something if we vote to bankrupt ourselves.

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