Do Juggle Bubbles work or are they a bust?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Kids adore bubbles, but not when they pop within seconds of creating them.

Juggle Bubbles claims you can catch, pass and juggle their bubbles by wearing magic gloves.

Joel Sanchez is a gymnastics instructor whose clients are not pumping iron, but pumping out energy while having fun and learning too, "We give them a great workout, help them do forward rolls, help them learn how to balance on their hands."

What the kids don't know is they purposely include bubbles at the end of each class for a reason.

"Helps with their gross motor skills, track things and spacial awareness," said Sanchez.

They go through a lot of bubbles machines, but Joel likes the concept of the Juggle Bubbles.

"It is going to be more beneficial for the kids to be more hands on with the bubbles."

Juggle Bubbles comes with a bubble tray, bubble blower, bubble solution and one pair of magic gloves.

We opened the bubble solution and according to the instructions, we put the magic gloves on.

We enlisted Lacey, one of Joel's students, to help us with the test.

She wore one glove and I wore the other.

We placed the bubble blower in the bubble tray.

Joel removed it from the tray, and while holding it in a downward angle, blew into it creating the bubble.

It was hard to get the bubble off the blower and when we did, it kept popping in the glove.

It took awhile to create just one bubble that would sit in the glove, let alone pass them around.

Joel told us, "Kids are not going to sit around and wait that long to make that happen."

Juggle Bubbles definitely failed the Does It Work Test.

The makers say "it's vital you follow the directions exactly as written" and that it does work. Click here to see the instructional video.

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