Would-be robbers caught after woman held at knife-point snaps their photo

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A woman with a knife held to her neck fought back against her attackers and won.

Police tell WREG the attack happened outside Emma Hernandez's apartment in Southeast Memphis.

WREG was not able to speak with Hernandez, but the property manager for Dogwood Trace Apartments, Johanny Bromgard, said they were able to catch the attackers thanks to her phone and her bravery.

"They put a knife over here," Bromgard said, pointing to her throat. "They grabbed her here and said, 'Come on!'"

Bromgard said Hernandez ran up to her Monday afternoon screaming for help. She told her she was grabbed by two women, Stephanie Williams and Camilla Hollis.

Police said Williams held a steak knife to Hernandez's throat, and Hollis demanded money.

However, they didn't take her phone. So when she was able to get away from them, Hernandez turned around and snapped pictures.

Bromgard said Hernandez gave her and the complex's security the pictures. Bromgard found the women, who were still at the complex, and called police.

"I explained to police I had two women, two robbers. One white. One black," she said.

Dogwood trace security caught the women and held them until police arrived.

Bromgard said she hopes residents feel confident after seeing the lengths she will go to protect them.

"When I see somebody, I go over here and look around," she said. "I check. Before I go to the office, I check what's going on. I check if there are persons I don't recognize."

Police said Hollis told them she got the knife to stab her boyfriend.

Both Hollis and Williams have bonds set at $30,000.


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