Police: Man exposed himself inside Frayser library

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- "I've seen him before walking around the neighborhood," Erica Thomas said.

She says she never forgets a face,.

"Every time I see him, he usually be like 'Hey. How you doing?' and go on about his business."

Police report Kadreiel Love spent Monday exposing himself at the public library in Frayser near Argonne Street and Burnham Avenue.

A woman told police Love sat beside her, exposed his private parts, and began rubbing himself while looking at her.

"I mean why you want to do that in front of everybody? You supposed to do something like that behind closed doors," Thomas said.

The woman ran away and told police what happened, but Love had a different story when officers caught up to him.

Love was arrested at Corning and Belleau and told police the situation was an accident.

According to the affidavit of complaint, the 27-year-old suspect claimed his private parts 'fell out' of his pants when he sat down.

" Your stuff ain't going to fall out like that," Thomas argued. "Not just up and fall out."

A woman e-mailed WREG a week ago accusing a man of fondling himself at the Benjamin Hooks Library, the main library in Memphis.

Police confirmed the report was made, but a Memphis Public Library spokesperson said she has not received any complaints of this nature.

Thomas entered the library Tuesday morning holding her child in her arms fearing the most for the children.

"Man that's wrong. You see all these kids and you want to sit here and touch all on yourself," Thomas said.

Love is being held on a $100 bond and is expected in court Wednesday morning.


  • Sally Smith

    Years ago, I was attacked by a homeless man on the elevator at the old main library. I was young and naïve, and I let the library staff and security handle the situation. They made excuses for the man, and the library lady in charge gave the man a cigarrete. The way he was coddled and excused made me feel MUCH MUCH WORSE than I already did. I went home and cried for several days after the incident. I also quit going to the public library. The worst part of all was hearing the library staff lady tell me that I was the “second one” he had attacked that week. Granted, it was a very short elevator ride, but the man threw himself against me and started licking and kissing me. If I had been a child I believe that staff would have acted the exact same way. Good luck to the people at the Frayser Library.

  • On Your Side

    Check the Shelby county injail his bond is not $100 it is $60000. Do some better research Wreg.

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