Mid-South farmers applaud president’s bee plan

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HORN LAKE, Miss. -- Frank Calvi made a funny looking contraption to attract bees to his Horn Lake farm.

He says if bees didn’t pollinate his crops, he wouldn’t have any.

That’s why he’s concerned about reports of bees dying off by the millions.

”California and different places are talking about we’re about doomed if we don’t spend some money on keeping the bee population healthy.”

Beekeepers agree. Bees face immediate danger.

”It’s a real thing. Right now they’re currently saying they’re losing a bout 30 percent a year.”

It’s even made the cover of Time and other national magazines.

What’s killing the bees? Parasites and pesticides seem to present the biggest dangers.

Farmers and beekeepers have already taken action with flags that mark the site of a hive. Crop dusters can see it from the air and avoid spraying deadly poison on the bees.

Now, President Obama has joined the fight with something called the White House Pollinators plan.

”For one thing, it will help draw attention to it that’s a big thing right there.”

The plan sets aside some federal land and provides money to keep bees alive, so our food supply doesn’t disappear.

”If you think countries go to war over oil, you let one third of food crops disappear."

Calvi says we should all get concerned.

”If the people would get out and make different things for the bees to come into their crops it would really help out.”

He says it’s either that, or see many of our food choices disappear.