Four teens shot in Foote Homes

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police are looking for the people who shot four teens at the Foote Homes Public Housing Complex off Danny Thomas Boulevard late Monday night.

One teen was shot several times in the leg and foot, and another in the face.

Police say the victims were all sitting in a vehicle when several people opened fire.

A woman at Foote Homes told us her daughter was driving the vehicle and wasn't hit.

"She is very fortunate to be alive. She said they were aiming at their heads, but her cousin pushed her on out and told her to run," said the woman.

The cousin and three other teens in the car were shot.

Residents say there were at least two shooters and one had an assault weapon.

They pointed out bullet holes all over the complex.

"They weren't playing," said the woman.

We are told this all began with a fight on the other side of Foote Homes.

Three of those shot are 17 years old, the fourth is 19 years old. All of the shooting victims were treated and released from the hospital.

Police say the suspects were driving a white SUV.

If you know anything, call Crime Stoppers at 528-Cash.