Three arrested in series of Craigslist robberies

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Christopher Patton

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  Instead of looking at a car he saw on Craigslist, a man became the victim of a robbery.

The man agreed to meet the seller in the 3400 block of Starsdale.

Instead, two men with guns met the man and robbed him.

As police investigated this robbery, they notices a series of robberies where the victims responded to car sales ads on Craigslist and were robbed during the encounter.

Christopher Patton,18, was charged with Aggravated Robbery in connection with two of the robberies.

A 16-year-old male was charged with four counts of Aggravated Robbery and one count of Attempted Aggravated Robbery.

The third suspect, male, 17, was charged with Attempted Aggravated Robbery in connection with one case.

Police advise to always meet in a public place, even at a police substation for your safety.


  • Democrats at work

    Dang I was sure some white trailer park trash was doing this!! Instead it is the Democrat plantation workers taking what isn’t theirs again. Why am I not surprised? Obama says he has created 8 million jobs, why aren’t they working?

    • Q

      You make a good observation. The jobs were created. However, the reason whey aren’t working maybe due to a background check, drug test, credit check, just maybe.

      • There are no jobs

        Well actually the jobs HAVEN’T been created. When Obama took office in 2009 there were 146 million people working, mostly full time jobs, according to the BLS. Today there are still 146 million people working, with a larger percentage part-time jobs. So if he created 8 million, then he lost another 8 million since the numbers haven’t changed. However due to population increase, we now have over 92 million people of working age who do not have a job. It is the largest non-participation rate since records have been kept, with only a 62% labor participation rate. Look it up at the BLS website.

  • Evette

    Once again…..the race war begins on this site. I swear,I come here for Entertainment Purposes Only. This site is a good example of why/where the city of Memphis’ future will be. Oh….I think its supposed to rain Thursday…..that stupid Obama….I have several stops to make….its all his fault!

    • Gerry

      Yvette I agree with you that it is 100% Oslamas fault and he is indeed the most stupid president that these United States has ever seen. Good insight Yvette

    • Gerry

      Evette I agree with you that it is 100% Oslamas fault and he is indeed the most stupid president that these United States has ever seen. Good insight Yvette

  • j

    please have andy wise investigate anything on “craigslist” who would negotiate anything with anyone on “craigslist” god in heaven please, pt barnum, a sucker is born every minute.

  • j

    worst thing that ever happened to mem is electing herenton as a mayor, a BLACK RACIAL MAN, and he wants to promote what? i hope all saw his thing to try and de-thrown Cohen? I don’t like Cohen either, but herenton comes out with jim crow or something like that. and then mem has joe brown coming in, holy mother of the good lord. this man is a TV thing, a tv court judge?????????????? (money for joe brown) and that is all. black people? please think before you vote. joe brown lost his tv contract, he is digging for money and the black people of mem will give it to him only because he is black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 trust me.

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