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First few days of Blue Flu cost $500,000 in overtime

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- After reaching a height of more than 550 Memphis police officers calling in sick, the numbers have dropped to 100 or less.

Does this mean an end to the Blue Flu protest?

in just a few days, the work action cost Memphis taxpayers more than $500,000 in overtime.

Shelby County deputies also helped fill in spots due to officers not showing up due to changes in health benefits.


  • CityCirclingTheDrain

    Simple test: Memphians don’t think police and fire personnel are worth their cost. Give ALL Memphis police and fire personnel 1 week off, EVERYBODY. Lock the doors at every police precinct, 201 Poplar, and all fire stations. Let the citizens experience life for 1 week without law and fire protection. If after a week you still feel that you don’t need protection, then so be it. However, I suspect that after a week Memphis will be ready to pay Austin salaries and benefits when they see what they’re getting for their money.

  • Joe

    I had rather pay this money to the fire and police than to see it squandered away by the city council or other forms of Memphis government. They are like children if the have money, they are going to spend it. They have no respect for tax payers money, no idea of what it is like to work for a living. They just see the cookie jar getting low. They are politicians….

  • Derby

    You know what. We can do without the council. Obviously we cannot do without police.

    Austin is a nice, well run city. They know who to pay to make it that way. We should take notes.

  • Paul Fischer

    Lets ask the questions no one is asking-who did the city employee unions encourage and got out the vote drives for over the last 30+ years? I don’t think they were fiscal conservatives…..

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