Guns and gear stolen from MPD TACT van

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- WREG has learned more details about the items stolen from a Memphis Police Department TACT van Saturday in Whitehaven.

Memphis police responded after one of its own reported the theft.

It happened at 4009 South Plaza, the site of the Nike Clearance Store off Elvis Presley.

"It's kind of scary, bold, kind of bold, big ego you know if you do that," said shopper Junior Groffo.

MPD confirms crooks broke into the van, unlocked a compartment and stole three guns, ammo and other police gear.

That gear included a holster, gun belt and even handcuffs.

The On Your Side Investigators uncovered more details about those weapons which also include a Remington shotgun and a Bushmaster assault rifle worth $900 alone.

Police records show the shotgun was valued at $400, and the Sig-Sauer P229R DAK valued at $900.

Whoever broke into the van ripped off more than $2500 worth of guns and gear.

"More than likely them guns are in the hands of dope dealers or drug dealers or whatever the heck you want to call them," said shopper Michael McCullough.

Powerful weapons in the wrong hands and police don't have any suspects.

Residents worry about more guns being on the streets.

"Got to get them off, got to get them off," said another customer in the parking lot.

McCullough also added, "I think they need to secure their guns better, if they got guns in their cars, they need to lock them up in the trunk."

According to MPD, the weapons and items were properly secured.

This is the second time in two months an incident like this has occurred.  In June, someone stole a computer and gun from an MPD squad car in Frayser.

When asked about the policy for storing weapons considering the two latest incidents, a spokesperson said they typically review those measures anytime an incident occurs.

The investigation is ongoing, so police wouldn't provide further details, including why the TACT van was parked at that location and if the officer was on or off duty.

Reports show the van was a 2004 White Ford Econoline E250.


  • bambam84

    So. In recap. Stolen weaponry in other items from a tac van at a busy shopping center in broad daylight, and we’re almost two days into it with no leads (which means nobody’s talking.)
    Let’s you know what the civilians of this city think of the cops at this point a bit, now, doesn’t it?

    • Derby

      the civilians . . . . .more like the criminals. Are you surprised? They wouldn’t be bad guys if they just did what was sensible and decent. Come on they have to earn their rank as scoundrels and be dirt bags to get their place with satan their king lol.

    • NCOWife2

      Civilians my eye. Keeping up with ammo and other weapons was my husband’s job in the military. Second time in two months AND if you remember all of the missing ammo from a few years ago. We heard about that when we were stationed out of state. INSIDE JOB.

    • MikeBarret

      Pretty much sounds like it. I sure don’t know anyone who has a key to unlock weapons compartments inside a TACT squad van!

  • poolgirl2

    Really, $2,500 is the highlight of this story? A drop in the bucket compared to the cost of what damage these weapons and gear will do! Cost of one trip to local hospital ER for just one of the people who will be shot = far more than $2,500! Incarceration, legal defense, and release of the shooter just on the slight chance that he/she is ever caught and tried = hundreds of $1,000’s.

  • Yung Savage

    For real I mean rally come on now News Channel 3 you all know this was an inside job pulled off my the MPD after all the turmoil that has been going on down there. This will help pay for some of those insurance rates that just went up for some lucky cop. He can sell them to the Cartels or maybe some of their young thuglet neighbors or maybe that c.o.p. owed some money to the local d’boyz on the blocc.

  • t. jones

    Why was this officer in the Nike store long enough for this theft to take place? Why was there no security system on the van? Why was it so easy for the alleged crooks to break in the weapons compartment? This was something that should have taken some time to get in, so once again why was the officer in the Nike store that long? You know with what is going on, I would not be surprised if the police union (mob boss) is not behind this to show A.C. that he made a bad decision. What better way to get back at him, help make this crime ridden city worst. The front page will say: “MAN GETS SHOT BY STOLEN POLICE GUN” not “DUMB OFFICER GOES SHOPPING MAKES IT EASY FOR CROOKS TO STEAL GUN AND CAUSES CIVILLIANS DEATH”. Wonder why that officer is not fired. things that make you say hmmmmmmmmmmm!

  • KT1128

    Let’s check and see who had the blue flu that day, sounds kind of strange to me, broad daylight, shopping center, officer shopping while on duty, no witnesses, security locks broken into, no suspects, but you know what kind of van was used.

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