Strange circumstances surround drowning at Jackson YMCA

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JACKSON, Tenn. — Jackson police are investigating the drowning of a man at the YMCA there who appears to have connections to Shelby County.

Police say Wayne Dillard, 49, was found at the bottom of the pool located at 1515 Campbell Street Wednesday.

Investigators said Dillon went to the YMCA and asked to use the bathroom then proceeded to the pool.

Dillard reportedly asked the lifeguard about the temperature of the water.

When the lifeguard went to the other side of the pool, Dillard stripped down to his underwear and got into the pool.

The lifeguard saw this happen and went to tell Dillard to get out, but the man was, “motionless at the bottom of the pool.”

The lifeguard tried to help Dillard, but he was unresponsive.

Investigators were told Dillard suffered from mental issues and had, “a history of mental illness in Shelby County.”