Blue CRUSH raids 10 North Memphis homes and businesses

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police are searching for Rodney Fulton, the registered owner of 10 North Memphis homes that were boarded up Thursday by the Memphis Police Blue CRUSH crew.

The blue stamps make it clear, police took this property over.

People in the area saw officers pulling heavy machinery out of an abandoned tire store on Chelsea Avenue Thursday morning.

Jerre Quarles was there, "They were taking a lot of commercial equipment. Generators, forklifts, things like that."

Quarles is doing electrical work at a house on Woodlawn near one of the boarded up homes.

He said  everyone watched 10 police cars pull in at 9 a.m. with the Blue Crush crew.

"I think they knew what was going on. It's a neighborhood thing and they mainly know what's going on," said Quarles.

He hasn't seen anyone at this house on Woodlawn for a month, except a few strays.

He's working to bring a neighboring house up to code with the electrical system, and he hopes this move will mean a few more run-down houses on the block are getting cleared out, "If they tear down everything that is not livable it will improve this area a whole lot. "

He said the neighborhood knew something crooked was going on, and today those rumors came to light, "Anytime you do stuff like that it comes back on you. People should be more aware of that."

And while these homes remained boarded up, police continue their search for Rodney Fulton.

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  • Dr. JohnS

    Okay now I understand the crime in Memphis. It is not the lack of police (good or bad) it is the lack of citizens getting involved enough to call the police. If everyone knew what was going on why did not someone pick up the phone? What if the Criminal Judge had not gotten involved in a domestic abuse situation, we would be worse off. I say they are cowards not to call and they do not give a rats a** about their neighborhood so why should anyone else.

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