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You won’t believe what Austin, Texas is offering Memphis officers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn -- Memphis police officers arrived at the Memphis Police Association headquarters all day Thursday to see what the City of Austin has to offer.

By noon, about 60 people had met with Austin recruiters about potential jobs.

" Great response. Everyone is kinda amazed," said Austin police recruiter Sgt. Gizette Gaslin.

The Memphis Police Association provided space, but did not sponsor the event.

MPA President Mike Williams said he  knows why officers are interested, "Benefits. Benefits. We don't do this job to get rich, but officers do like to know that they are gonna be taken care of."

Austin is offering health, dental and retirement benefits from day one, and unlike Memphis, Austin covers most of the cost.

Under the single plan, Austin officers pay $5 a month for healthcare.

In Austin, a cop with three years experience, and from an urban area with at least 50 officers, can make $42,000 a year.

After 18 weeks, that jumps to $56,000.

Then 8 weeks later to $63,900 .

After one year, the base pay for an Austin patrolman  is $70,500 a year.

The maximum they can make after 16 years of service is $91,500.

"If I do 23 years and if I leave at 23 years that's what I will be getting, 73-point-2 percent of my pay, base pay for the rest of my life," said Sgt. Gaslin.

Compare that to Memphis Police who start out making $37,900  a year.

They are bumped to $40,600 after one year, and then $45,000 in year two.

An MPD patrolman maxes out at $53,000 base pay.

"Memphis is in the stone age as far as I am concerned. They don't want to grow. You say you want to bring people here and expand, well you have to be progressive in your thinking," said Williams.

Officers in Austin can also make an extra $175 dollars a month for bi-lingual pay.

The Memphis police union says it has been struggling to get that pay incentive here in Memphis, but it hasn't happened.


  • James B

    That is ridiculous pay Memphis Police Officers gets! I work for a small city of 16,000 in Texas and we, as Patrol, top out at over $70,000. We start out at $42,000. Thats $4,000 more than Memphis Officers.

    Memphis Officers, you can pretty much pick and choose what Department you come to in Texas. Most all of them pay more than what you are making now.

    • Gonebabygone

      You guys also have higher hiring standards. Many of our officers won’t meet them, even with job experience. We used to have similar standards, but they were lowered because some city council members thought they were racist.

    • humm

      What is the cost of living in Austin compared to Memphis? It appears you have to make about $55,000 in Austin to equal $50,000 in Memphis, Groceries are 4% less in Austin (probably a tax thing), Housing 20% more, Utilities 9% more, Transportation 9% more and healthcare 8% more.

  • langor1

    It sounds like Austin is offering opportunity. I’ll be surprised if Memphis has any patrolmen next week.

  • Bill Zebub

    Leave! Let them go, a good percentage of them are crooked and illiterate. Remember, Memphis had to dumb down to get Officers.

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      Bill zebub, there are crooked police officers everywhere…big city or small town USA. Bust dealers, judges set ridiculously low bonds for small timers, they keep bonding out, so why shouldn’t that officer get a slice of the pie. If the *kingpin* bonds out……get the picture?

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      Illiteracy! Enough people are but most can’t help it. Now, to throw a lighter note on that. Illiteracy is everywhere. That’s why Austin pays their officers $175.00 extra for being bi lingual. The Hispanics who don’t speak/write English and vice versa are illiterate. Starting around Austin, for the most part, if u can’t speak Spanish you are kinda f*cked. Same applies going overseas for the most part…know their language or resort to sign language. That’s why so many products now have every language under the sun translated now…english, Spanish, French, Portuguese,etc.
      . A lot of stores now have whatever on doors and windows in Spanish and English. Comprende?

  • princewatercress

    “Memphis is in the stone age as far as I am concerned.”

    When Mike Williams says Memphis is in the Stone Age, nobody bats as eye.
    When Lionel Hollins says Memphis is in the Stone Age, everyone complains.

    How is this possible?

  • Bill Zebub

    Austin, Memphis, I don’t see the comparison. Now, Memphis, Detroit we can compare those two.

  • Rick

    Let’s wait and see how many officers actually leave for a position. I don’t think many will meet the standards for another city.

    I’m betting the number will be close to zero.

  • Lt Dan

    Oh yes don’t forget about the exam scores being lowered and the aptitude of the test being changed because of a certain ethnicity not understanding what the test meant and couldn’t pass the sergeant exam or lieutenant exam. Lets not forget that crazy news story a few years ago.

  • new slave

    Yeah take white boy with you. That’s why we need great men like Mr. Putin to keep this racist nation in it’s place. Go PUTIN

  • Nickel

    I work for a small town in Indiana and our starting pay is well below Memphis and our max out and below the Austin starting pay. The really frustrating part is we are surrounded by a metropolitan PD and deal with this same issues as the Metropolitan PD at a fraction of their pay. So Memphis, if Austin is actively recruiting you, go for it!

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    Sure sounds to me like our MPD will really better themselves down there. When it’s something to actually BENEFIT our MPD, go for it!!! That also applies to our MFD and city employees. The old get the FOD while you can!

  • Hard Truths

    STANDARDS. Memphis just doesn’t have them. We have lowered and lowered our standards to accommodate any
    would -be gang member who wants to wear a uniform, just so long as he claims an address inside the city limits..

    THANKS, King Willie.

    NO Texas police force will take a cop with an IQ of 85 or with a criminal record.

    This is a big dog and pony show, that’s all. Most Memphis cops could not get hired ANYWHERE but Memphis. They are OUR trolls, and we are stuck with their sorry butts.

    • Hard Truths

      The truth is the truth. The minimum IQ for MPD recruits is 85, rounded down to 84.5.

      I got that from a source VERY high up in local law enforcement. He doesn’t like it, either. It is one of those things we’re “not supposed to talk about” here in Memphis, where soothing lies are always preferred to hard truths.

      And since you made a snide comment about my intellect, my IQ tests to the 140-145 range. By that standard, there are a million Americans smarter than me.

      Intelligent people are not so much smart as most of Memphis is far below average, even with adjustments. Our local schools are practically medieval and ruritanian. Memphis is a DUMB city. Ten generations in succession of the best and brightest have left town.

      So we scramble to hire cops who would be barely Mickey D’s material in a city on either coast or in the upper Midwest.

      Coach Hollings was RIGHT about Memphis.


  • not sure is back

    Don’t jump to fast is austin cost of living equal to or higher than Memphis, better check it before you go folding your tent.

  • ron

    Cost of Living Comparison:
    Memphis, Tennessee – Austin, Texas
    Change cities

    A salary of $84,000 in Memphis, Tennessee should increase to $121,880 in Austin, Texas

    cost of living in austin tx is WAY higher than it is in memphis

    google it.

      • Hard Truths

        Groceries cost less because Texas is closer to Mexico. Bananas, 33-39-c/lb at HEB instead of 55-59c at Kroger.

        EVERYTHING ELSE — especially housing and utilities — MUCH higher. Texas cities are FIRST WORLD.

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