Abused woman with rotting legs dies, children arrested

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- An abused elderly woman is dead, and police believe her own children are responsible.

The woman's condition was so bad her leg was decaying from the inside, and ruptured.

Rose Fayne, the victim's daughter, bonded out of jail.

Fayne's son, Rodney Cleveland, was recently locked up.

Police said Cleveland knew exactly what was going on inside of the house in the 3700 block of Jolyn but said nothing about it.

Severely neglected and living in agony, police said 77-year-old Betty Cleveland died at the hospital Wednesday.

"It's just something that should not happen," Alex Bebie said.  "You shouldn't neglect or let anything like that happen especially to your parents."

Police said Rose Fayne called Crossroads Hospice to care for her mom.

When a worker arrived, they called police when they saw her leg busted open and rotting.

Cleveland remained locked up Thursday evening, Fayne paid $30,000 to get out of jail.

WREG went by the house to ask Fayne some questions.

No one answered the door where, neighbors said, they had no idea of the horrors happening inside the home.

"I mean we've been here for about 7 years and didn't expect anything like that," Bebie said.  "Honestly, didn't even know her mother was living with her."

"I will say elder maltreatment is a pervasive problem," said Dora Ivey, Executive Director of the Aging Commission of the Mid-South.

Ivey said abuse to seniors is an issue that happens all too often in Memphis.

"Oh I think it's scary.  I think it's horrifying," Ivey explained.  "All of us are aging and I think we have to think what will come of me?"

Cleveland is expected in court Friday morning.


  • jihn

    This is horrible what this elderly woman suffered. But looking at her daughter s photo I would bet she has a very low IQ and appears to have a mental disability of some sort or drug issue. JS!!!

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    She doesn’t look mentally impaired to me. Looks like a crack head, more than likely waiting for her mother to die to collect some kind of insurance. And to think her son was well aware of what was going on but didn’t report her to authorities.

    • anonymous

      You don’t know if this woman is doing drugs. She’s probably mentally unstable or sickly herself! I am not saying that she did the right thing but you don’t know her! Let God Be The Judge! I’m praying for this family!

  • mz

    Just brought tears to my eyes…that someone would do their Mom like that….what is the world coming to??? You don’t have to be black to commit hideous crimes…all races do…keep racial comments to your self.. That’s a crime also…you are as guilty as this lady in this photo….Ask Jesus!!

  • Terrie

    I hope they rot in jail. How did she pay $30K to get out, or is that another prime example of channel 3’s editing ignorance? Seriously, kudos to the worker for calling the police. God bless this poor woman. She’s better off now.

    • humm

      editing ignorance? Exactly how is that? She could have easily bonded out using her house. Talk about ignorant.

  • Kay

    Bullet to the head for each, wasted air and space. How could u treat anyone that way especially your mom?

    • anonymous

      So who made you a judge or jury? I hope that was not a threat! Keep your ignorance to yourself!

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