Police and fire supporters apologize to Muddy’s Bake Shop

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(Memphis, Tenn ) It takes a big person to admit they were wrong, but that's what Laura Rae Sanders is saying tonight.

“I saw her interview and what she said and got conflicted in my heart,” said Sanders.

WREG showed how Muddy's Bake Shop was dragged through the mud online.

Sanders and wives of Memphis firefighters and police officers gave poor reviews and were "disgusted" by the bakery.

It was all because of a photo the owner took with mayor A C Wharton.

The wives were angry owner Kat Gordon said she was "chillin’" with the mayor, soon after the city CAO reportedly told officers to chill out about healthcare cuts.

Gordon and Wharton were celebrating Muddy's being featured in a New York Times article about tasty pies in Me phis.

Wednesday, Sanders came to meet the lady she attacked online.

“We locked eyes. I introduced myself, extended my hand and said, 'I'm Laura Sanders and I want to offer apologies.’ There was tears and hugs and people clapping, it was the best feeling ever”, said Sanders.

MPD officers didn't want to be on camera but were there too.

They were angered by the words of some online, and apologizing for them.

“I think I can speak for all small businesses here that have been affected, we're all happy to have an apology and move forward,” said Gordon.

Others online haven't taken back their words and would not talk to us.

Brice Timmons of High Cotton Beer said what happened to Muddy’s caused businesses to unite.

They support police, but also each other.

“Small businesses don't want to be bullied by anyone. It's necessary to stand up for yourself,” said Timmons.

Sanders hopes her move inspires others also, “I think if those people on the council would do what I did today, I think that's a better start for Memphis.”


  • Michael

    They should have apologized. They totally crossed the line. Still no sympathy from me though for their actions.

    • Think about it first

      I don’t think they asked for your sympathy. People that hate emergency responders for whatever reason will probably conrinue to do so. This town treats our heroes like garbage and I don’t blame them for leaving . Not after they leave and we fill their spots with rejects from other jobs, becuse our good ones will be elsewhere , I am afraid what happened in my hometown will happen here. They hired too many questionable characters and people have told me they are scared for the police to check their house alarms while they aren’t there. If they can only get these kind of employees , that is who may or may not do CPR on a person , that is who is investigating rapes and homicides and crimes against children. . I’m just saying . All this war in police and fire rim city hall could one day backfire on all of us. Pay them what you owe them and leave their benefits and salaries alone. They earn it.

  • kemp and ac are evil

    Photo ops with AC Wharthog are pointless. Wharthog is a spineless defense attorney that snorts cocaine.

    • King Willie

      As apposed to spineless losers trying to destroy a local business who got in the New York Times.

      Losers one and all

  • anonymous

    It takes a bigger person to NOT attack a small business owner over a photo of her accomplishments. Their “christianity” kicked in. Had they been true “christians” the attack would not have happened.

    • Think about it first

      They were right to apologize. I am sure their emotions got the best of them. These are traimatic times when police and fire families have lost so much in such a deceitful way. But I think anyone who says C hristians cannot make mistakes would be making. an incorrect statement. If any person can tell me they have gone through life without emotions getting the best of them and making them say something they knew they shouldn’t have in the heat of a moment , they need to run for city council.

    • chanceencounterstlm

      That was a rather judgmental comment. I don’t remember them saying whether they were Christian or not. If they were, all people–including Christians–make mistakes. I think that it was impressive that she made an apology in person and in a very public way.

  • Memphissuxhard

    Cannot wait to leave this city. Hopefully this flaming sh@tpile can wait to be flushed down the mississippi until after I’ve left.

      • memphissuxhard

        And you’re welcome to be governed by racist crooks, watch crime sky-rocket, see your housing values plummet, and sit there with a thumb up your booty while this city turns into Detroit. Anyone with half a brain knows when to fold a bad hand.

  • Good for them

    Nice backpeddle. Still doesn’t make them not bullies. They are all so entitled to think they can get all these great benefits on the backs of the taxpayers and try to intimidate any and every body they can into making sure that happens. They should have apologized, no praise earned for that. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

  • Mike

    Are you mentally challenged? It says a few supporters made a few comments on Facebook. NOT the policemen and firemen. Maybe some of this anger should be directed at the great CAO George little and his buddy Wharton for telling the widows of police and firemen to “chill out” right after the took everything they had left from them. This Wharton administration has been a disaster. Has the whole city pitted against each other.

    • City divided

      I agree 100%. The city employees and their families have been hurt badly and responding to them with “chill out” was ignorance by george little and only pouring salt on a wound. The business owner should have been directly asked if she were making any type of reference to that matter. I think that maybe it could have been a badly timed coincidence. If so I congratulate her on her well earned accomplishment and I have sympathy for the families and widows of the firemen and police officers. I agree mike, Wharton and his incompetents are definitely dividers.

  • Johnny

    Past time to leave the cesspool of Memphis. I left years ago. My only regret is that I did not move my family out sooner. Little Detroit is getting worse every day.

    • Dan

      So what is the point in your responding to this post?. You made the decision that was right for you and your family. Just enjoy life wherever you are. You’re not affected by this, so your input was not needed. We know what problems we have here.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    Dan, I’m going back to south central okla in the near future due to family illnesses. I shall be keeping up with what’s going on here thru wreg news. I shall post comments as I see fit. I shall not need your permission for my input. Its called FREEDOM OF SPEECH that YOU Dont have to read. Just skip over our INPUT if u Dont like it.

  • Hard Truths

    Cops tend to attract a certain kind of vocal, ignorant woman. These are harridans. and their apologies are hollow.

    This shows the kind of women cops are married to. It is very telling. We are dealing with some very low-functioning families here.

    I pity the offspring of such unions.

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