Elderly woman found abused, neglected with rotting legs has died

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Memphis, Tenn. — An elderly woman’s daughter faces charges, after the woman was found abused and neglected, to the point her legs were rotting away.

Rose Fayne is charged with elder abuse and neglect after her 77-year-old mother, Betty Cleveland, was found with horrible injuries.

We have learned Betty Cleveland has died, though it is not clear if it is related to her injuries.

Wade Jackson lives just two doors down from Fayne in the 3700 block of Joslyn and said he never would have expected her to be arrested.

“From everything I saw from them, just passing and waving and seeing them at the mailbox, they seemed like nice people,” Jackson said.

Police said Fayne called Crossroads Hospice to take care of Cleveland.

When Crossroads arrived, an affidavit showed Cleveland was so neglected and in such bad shape they called an ambulance.

Cleveland was taken to Methodist North where she later died.

A report showed her legs burst open and were rotting from the inside out.

“It is a shock to me to hear about something like that happening down there,” Jackson said.

WREG tried asking Crossroads hospice about the situation, but they said they could not comment.

Neighbors were oblivious, because they never even saw Cleveland.

“I didn’t know any one else lived there except Rose and her husband,” Jackson said.

Jackson said he is horrified to learn what the elderly woman was suffering through behind closed doors.

“I wouldn’t wish that on anybody, especially on your parent,” he said, shaking his head. “I just can’t see you neglecting your parent. I can’t see it.”

The same report shows Cleveland had other injuries as well.

If you ever suspect elder abuse there is a hotline you can call (901) 320-7220.


  • disgusted

    That is absolutely shameful! Even if one couldn’t get to the doctor, there’s a lot you can do on your own to tend to someone’s medical needs like that. What is wrong with people anymore!

  • noname

    Its all about the check, its money in the bank. some times its about the meds too, but mostly the money.

  • flipflopityfloop

    Cut her up and throw her in the Mississippi river, chain her up and watch her rot! How could anyone do that to an elderly person especially their own mother.

  • granddaughter #1

    I wish that at least you all would let our family morn in peace. It’s already enough that she’s gone and the whole situation is traumatic enough. If I would have been told I would have been there for my grandmother! Can you please have some respect for the family?

      • granddaughter #1

        Like I said my grandmother passed away it is painful enough to go thru this! Please people!

    • No Name

      $#@* Please@ Granddaughter #1, where does any of this say family. When was the last time you called or went by to see how your grandmother was doing. Apparently this been going on for awhile. And you fix your mouth to say have some respect for the family. who the hell was respecting and looking out for your grandmother. Rose husband a$$ need to be charged to if he sat there and allowed her to treat her mother that way!!!!!!!!!

  • Sad Daughter

    So sick!! It’s absolutely heartbreaking. I could not imagine doing my mother that way. She deserves the worst punishment there is!

  • Grandmother of four

    So sorry but you want everyone to leave y’all alone to mourn about your grandmothers death well I feel sorry for you because you know your grandmother was that there and she was a person just like everyone else I feel sorry for her because she had to deal with you all that’s not right to let a person rot and die like they did and l hope everyone keeps posting their post!

    • granddaughter #1

      First of all I take care of mine! Second of all I don’t even live in Memphis! So while you talking bad about my family. My mother her oldest daughter away in 2010 and I took very good care of her. If I knew it would have been different and I loved my grandmother . I shouldn’t have to defend why I am three states away and thinking she was being taken care of! Don’t you think we have questions too? You sound really stupid for even disrespecting someone who doesn’t even live in that state! I’m in Texas so no I didn’t know what was going on! I’m professionally a Home Health Provider. So,yes I would have stepped in! Don’t put your mouth on people you know nothing about! I have a few choice words for you but unfortunately I can’t post them! Rather honor my grandmother and do like she taught me pray for you!

    • anonymous

      People love to speculate and say things let them talk! Because God is the only one who can make a difference in your life! I’m gonna pray for you and your family! I pray that you find peace in this situation. RIP Mrs. Cleveland.


    i think the husband need a mugshot beside his wife…i WISH my husband would abuse a dog in my presence i’m going off on him…u think he could do ANYTHING wrong to his mother in the house we live in and i not call the police, secret service, FBI, U.S. marshall, and the divorce attorney….PLEASE!!! granddaughter when was the last time u visited your grandma???? Cause this neglect and abuse didn’t happen overnight…

    • granddaughter #1

      I haven’t seen her since 2010 that’s because I also have issues here in Texas. I am not finically able to go back and fourth from Texas to Tennessee. So yes if I could have I would have! Like I said don’t speak on things you don’t know what the rest of family was doing.

    • granddaughter #1

      He has cancer and can’t walk up the stairs! And I haven’t seen her in a while. But like I said before,my grandmother was a very private person she was very strong willed. Just like her daughter my mom! But trust me when I say that if I knew it would have been a totally different situation. So,don’t think that you have everyone in my family figured out!

  • NCOWife2

    I was floored the first time I had secondary students tell me that they never met their grandparents and/or their parents NEVER visit or speak to them. Yet, everyone of them and their parents were adamant that they loved them. Before moving back here, we made constant visits multiple times a year and I called my mother, grands, and aunts EVERYDAY to check on their welfare AND I made sure my husband did the same. As a matter of fact, our aging parents are the only reason why we moved back to this city. I don’t know if the grandchildren of this lady are grown, but if they are shame, shame, shame.

  • granddaughter #1

    No disrespect to anyone commenting on this, but I did call my aunt and ask about my grandmother I thought everything was fine I spoke to my grandmother and she said nothing about what was going on. I asked plenty of times if help was needed! If I knew I would have taken her to Texas with me. But nobody said anything! I moved from there because I was mourning my mothers death! I have alot of questions too but I don’t judge people before I know the facts! And my mother was well taken care of by her 4 children. She died from a double lung transplant surgery! I love my mom and my grandmother. I can’t do anything about what anyone else in my family does,all I can do is pray this doesn’t happen ever again! So, I say again, please respect the family that had no idea of what happened!

    • NCOWife2

      I moved here from Texas a 1-1/2 yrs ago. I don’t know what area you live in, but I wish I could have gotten to you before all of this happened. Texas has resources…Tennessee, especially Memphis, does not. I know plenty of people who were provided the means to check on family members in other countries and states…it just depends on the circumstances. And grief counseling is also readily available through a number of agencies, there. Please take care…and for any one else that have not physically seen a loved one, please check on them. Sometimes caregivers get overwhelmed with the laboring tasks, frustrated at not having the financial means to provide care, or just greedy after a social security or disability check. Either way, assume that you can never trust anyone to do the job better than you would.

  • anotherpointofview

    Yes,this mother should not have had to have gone through this! Nobody deserves this! But I am sorry for your loss of your grandmother! I will pray for you. Because you didn’t know I know you can’t go backwards and change things but God has your grandmother in peace and in paradise! Instead of badgering this young lady pray for her!

    • granddaughter #1

      Thank you anotherpointofview! Your words and your prayers are appreciated! God Bless You!!

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