Armed man shot & killed by Germantown police

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. --A man armed with a rifle was shot and killed by Germantown police.

Tuesday night, shortly after 9 p.m., Germantown police were contacted by the Fayette County Sheriff's Office about an, "unstable, possibly suicidal, armed and dangerous subject."

About forty minutes later, Justin Neil Davis, 24, was found sitting in a car at Cameron Brown Park.

Police cleared the park  and starting talking with Davis via cell phone and their PA system.

Police said the situation was, "escalated by the subject, who was armed with a rifle, resulting in three Germantown Police Officers discharging their weapons. The subject was incapacitated and subsequently pronounced deceased at the scene."

The TBI is investigating the shooting.

The three Germantown Police Department Officers involved in the shooting have been placed on paid departmental administrative leave, per department policy, pending the outcome of the investigation.


  • Lacie Beebe

    I hate reading negatives comments. Now it’s one of my own and it’s absurd. I’ve known him since childhood and his wife, one of my best friends. He’s an army vet leaving behind a daughter who is almost two. Have some respect. The news doesn’t tell you everything… Let this be a lesson. If you ever have a friend who is in need of help, do your damnest to try to help. Suicide is real and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Sometimes all it takes is just having someone to talk to.. Rip Justin.. You’ll be missed.


      Unfortunately, Memphis has a huge negative subculture. We desperately need more positive people. I pray God’s stregnth for the family and friends who are affected.

  • Monica

    I’m so sorry for this man’s family and offer my condolence. Suicide by cop is real and I wish there was another way to restrain a person so they could get the much needed help.

  • atjohnson

    It is amazing how MOST of the stories reported here are twisted into race. So many people in this city seem to want to stay stuck in the 60’s…I’m beginning to think some people have grown to enjoy the conflict…so sad.

  • John T. Dwyer

    Someone approached the great comic W.C. Fields once, and asked him if he were prejudiced. Fields thought for a moment and after carefully thinking about it replied: “HeII no, I am not prejudiced, I hate everyone equally!”

    Mr. Fields would fit in very well with some of the posters I see on here nearly every day. The reality is that the only people who could possibly be racist legitimately, are Native Americans!
    Black folks, white folks, brown folks and yellow folks came to these shores and look at the direction it’s been headed ever since.

    • atjohnson

      Mr. Dwyer, I think you said the key word…hate. Once a person becomes convinced they are justified in hating someone, they have become just as bad as they perceive that person to be.

    • Joe Bo

      Dawyer what a dumb remark to say about Black People, you have no respect for history. We didnot come here to flee tyrany and oppression in Africa unlike the Caucasian people. We were kidnapped, murdered, raped, sodomized, and inslaved. Never before in recorded history have one race totally brutilized another race to this degree, and for 400 years.

      • getalife

        and starting with your own race and country no less, let’s not leave that nugget of information out.

  • Jo

    First off and most importantly thank the Lord all of the civilians that frequent the park and the officers are physically uninjured. The officer’s need the support of all police brother’s, civilians, and especially their families to help them make it through this tragedy they were forced to face and unfortunately react to. No officer wakes up with the attitude that they are going to get to kill someone today. Most all officers probably say the same prayer I do, Lord protect me from all evil and let me return home to my family. If this is the day that I do confront evil let me trust in you, my training and abilities to protect me, my fellow officers, the public, and the evil we face from any harm.
    Justin was nothing but a selfish individual looking for a coward’s way out. The only thing he did was leave a trail of hurting family and friends behind to pick up the pieces of whatever problems he could not face himself. What the hell does Memphis’ largest problem, which is race, have to do with this? NOT A THING IS THE ANSWER TO THAT!!!! I pray first for the officers, second for Justin’s family and friends, third for the idiots in this area that keep the racial tension at their max!

    • Elizabeth

      First of all Jo, you don’t know why he did it. Second of all, you didn’t know Justin period. So don’t come on here saying he was being selfish and taking a coward’s way. You have no idea what he had been through.

  • Barbara

    Don,t lower yourself by going to a racist mindset. Be the one who choose to live to make each other better, our friends and families the best, it all starts with you and I. God be with the family and friends of everyone who has been hurt by the ending of this troubled soul. Always remember, only by the grace of God.

  • Incompetency

    A man died as a direct result of the incompetence of these officers. Their failure to communicate with this man as a human being is why this happened.

    • How would you know?

      I’m not sure how you can know it was incompetency. From what I have been able to understand about the tragedy, it was likely “suicide by cop.” If that was the case, he may not have left the officers any choice in the matter. I am saddened for both the family, and the officers that were involved. I’m not saying that police officers can do no wrong, far from it, but in this case, they may have been forced into the act, which is unfair to them.

      • 38138

        Indications thus far are that it was NOT a suicide by cop scenario, and having known the young man it would not be in character for him. The only scenario I can come up with that makes sense is that the cops lost patience and decided it was time to end the situation so they started trying to strong arm him like a perp instead of using crisis intervention strategies as would be appropriate with a person who is suicidal and in despair.

        The city has already turned it over to TBI, and my guess is that we’re going to learn that GPD lacks the expertise to handle crisis situations like this.

    • Steve

      They did talk to him for a while, but they can’t make decisions for him. I’m guessing you’re a liberal since you never blame the criminal. You should have shown up with your Coexist sticker and helped out.

    • JT

      Rumor has it he was unemployed for awhile and had been actively looking for work and he finally lost it. He broke down and tears and stormed out of his home. His wife, was obviously worried about him and scared he may take his life, so she makes the massive mistake of calling the cops who end up killing him because they couldn’t handle the situation and took it as a normal thug with a gun situation.

    • Joe Bo

      Ok, the man was armed, and a serious threat to the public. Although Police Officers risk there lives everyday, you are asking way to much from them. At the end of the day, Police Officers are just trying to make it home “at the end of the day”.

  • Hard Truths

    Did he pose an actual threat to anyone, including the officers?

    Shouldn’t officers try to detain a suicidal person while they’re alive and unshot?

    Or was his time up — as it was time for their donut break?

    When the police shoot, it should be out of NECESSITY. No pretexts allowed.


    • Joe Bo

      Hard truths consider this: often a Police Officer get once chance to make a decision, if he is wrong, his fellow Officers, Joe Public, and his own self is put in jeapordy. Unlike Hollywood, there is no rewriting a script to change the ending.

      • Hard Truths

        1) The park had been EVACUATED. No civilians were in ANY danger.

        2) The officers could have taken cover behind police cars IF the victim was shooting.

        3) The officers KNEW GOING IN that this was a suicidal veteran with PTSD.

        Was killing him the ONLY way this could have been handled??????

  • Denise Webster

    When a call comes in about a mental or suicidal person a special team of officers are supposed to go out. You should be prepared to protect yourself and hopefully have something to stop them if they become a danger to the police. Why don’t they either use a taser gun or rubber bullets to knock the person out. Why go out with deadly force. I have seen to many cases where the police was called for a suicidal person and they end up killing the person. If this is going to be the case, you may as well let them kill themselves. More care needs to be taken when it come to these situaltions.

    • 38138

      Without having the all of the facts in video public yet, it certainly appears at first blush that GPD handled the situation as if they had no training whatsoever.

    • Ching Ching 88

      Well said. When IQ levels to be a police officer have been lowered by the courts to an all time low, these things will continue to happen at an alarming rate. Now it is a case of the “well the cops said” Ha. They cover for themselves. They will all be cleared and be stopping you for speeding in a couple of days

      • Hard Truths


        There needs to be ample JUSTIFICATION for each and every shooting by police.

        Local law enforcement in the Memphis area has not made itself exactly credible.

    • Joe Bo

      Webster you are asking too much from Police Officers. One of their best weapons is deterence. If involved with an armed citizen, who will not follow instruction. Any unusual movement will result in the Police shooting to kill. This is what we pay them to do.

  • Hard Truths

    Why was lethal force their FIRST and ONLY choice?

    Why didn’t they just wait the guy out, or use non-lethal force?

    Was it donut break time?

  • 38138

    This wasn’t a “dangerous man.” This was a man that law enforcement knew was suicidal. He was a kind, considerate and gentle man who was a combat veteran and father to a 2-year-old daughter. He had PTSD and he was deeply depressed.

    This story is very painful and difficult to understand for those of us who knew and loved Justin. This situation should not have turned out the way it did.

    • Ching Ching 88

      Amen. He could have thrown a rock out the window and the police state would have shot him. Unfortunately, it is now they said, meaning GPD. Dont worry. the revenue generators were out in full force today despite the murder that happened last night. Police state is coming .Beware

  • John Myers

    Nobody on here was at the scene so you have no right to judge the officers. Let someone come at you with a rifle and lets see if you say “break out the rubber bullets or taser”. Lets get serious, if someone is coming at me with a rifle, “rubber bullets” will never cross my mind

    • Hard Truths

      Where does anyone credible say'”he came AT them with a rifle”?

      Ar you simply ASSUMING the police must have been right? Why would any rational person do THAT?

      • Joe Bo

        Hard truth, this is not a “made for tv movie”. An armed citizen, will not get warning shots, they will not try to shoot the weapon out of there hand, and definitely no taser or rubber bullits. The person doesn’t even have to come at them with a rifle. Armed and not cooperating, along with any sudden movement without Police direction, will get you put down period. If you didn’t know this, well perhaps you should tell your family members and your circle of friends.

  • Jo

    Mr. Meyers it sounds as if you to are in law enforcement! The way it sounds to me, all of these dumb **s folks on here are the same ones that think the Memphis Emergency workers that show up to save their stupid **ses deserve the treatment they are getting by the city. I would like to know which of them has ever had a knife, pistol. or a rifle pointed at them! I bet they thought now is a good time to shoot a rubber bullet. Oh I am sure that is the thought they would have right after they crapped their pants! More likely they would have cried and begged for their life. All talking stops when deadly force is shown to the officer. It is called,,,,, I am going home! So to all of his friends and family that think it could have ended differently, Did you take him to the VA for help? What help did you give this young man? Did you provide him with work like cut your grass? Did you help him find work by recommending him to your boss? Why did he leave home with a rifle? ( It is nowhere near hunting season and no ranges are not open after dark!) Whose fault is it he is dead? The answer is Justin Davis and only Justin Davis! I am sure family and friends tried to help this young man, but he decided not to take their help. There are many veterans surviving with PTSD and are productive members of society! PTSD is real, just ask these three officers that were forced to do the last thing any officer wants to do in about a week. Ask all of the living Vietnam Vets! It is only smart to let TBI investigate this tragedy, if they investigated it themselves you would say they were covering something up! By the way most officers do not eat donuts! Hey 38138 do you live in Germantown? I looked up that Zip and it is a Germantown Zip! If you do not trust your law enforcement why do you pay their salaries? I would move to a safer place if I was you!! Like I said before I pray first for the officers, second for Justin’s family and friends!!

    • Friend

      I am only a friend of the family but I do know the va actually are the ones that informed the family he was suicidal so what does that say?

    • jo daniel

      jo, most of us are so grateful for our police officers and know we COULD NOT live without them.the ones who arent are usually not law abiding anyway.i was taught at home to respect the police.God bless ,jo

  • lindalou

    Aww…look at all the sympathetic comments….where is the sympathy with a non-white is gunned down???..You sick people only see the humanity in your own..If this punk was Black, there would be people praising the GPD for the perfect aim…I hope the punk burns in hell, he pulled a gun on a group of cops and put their lives in danger…unarmed black men are shot and killed by cops daily…This was a punk thug!! Get over it….

  • Tunica kid

    I am happy that the law enforcement officers are okay. The commentors that are on here that say they are friends of the gunman you have my sympathy. I realize that you are lashing out and the police officers are easy targets. I hope that you step back and see that your friend was the one in charge of the situation. HE made the decision to leave his home with a GUN. He was confronted by uniformed and ARMED police officers. You stated that he is a military vet. HE knows the rules of engagement. HE knew that the officers were TRAINED to protect themselves. HE knew what he could do the end the confrontation. All he had to do was to throw his GUN outside the vehicle and surrender. HE did not do that. HE choose this action. I had a friend commit suicide. I blame his girlfriend,his parents, and then FINALLY I blamed HIM. WHy didnt he call me? Why didnt I see he was hurting? I think I could have talked to him and changed his mind. I was mad. After awhile I realized that my friend made the decision and nothing I could say or do would have stopped him. Forgive your friend for his actions. FORGIVE the police officers. The officers have a RIGHT to protect themselves. They have family to go home to. Pray for your friend and pray for yourselves.

  • Ching Ching 88

    this is a case where now the only ones talking are the cops. And unfortunately, they cover for themselves. So I dont buy the fact that there were no other options. but hey, they are on paid leave. So lets just say this guy got what was coming. He was a vet. Very sad

    • Hard Truths


      Was this killing NECESSARY?

      Were the officers REALLY in fear for THEIR lives or someone else’s lives? The park had been evacuated. Who was in danger?

      Were the cops willing to take the life of a veteran with PTSD — instead of taking a bullet hole in a squad car?


      Is THAT how cheap a civilian life is to these uniformed, heavily armed, VERY privileged “protectors”?

  • MikeHall

    We are very proud of our police officers. They put their lives on the line every day, they protect us. However, there are always special circumstances, and most police officers tend slip into a one-sided mode, because it is the safest way to think. Though it may be the safest way, it may not be the right way. We don’t know what was going through this young man’s mind, we don’t know if his family or friends tried to help him. We only know the tragedy of what took place. People tend to look at these situations from one direction or another, but the right way is often through the middle. Now, if the police officers were shielded behind their vehicles, wounding could have been an option, but if it was direct face-to-face situation, shoot to kill may have been the only option. However, if it turns out to be a case where he didn’t put his gun down the right way or he moved to quickly for an instant becaue he was emotional, then there is certainly something wrong with this.

    • Joe Bo

      Some very good points, however Police officers are not trained to ” wound”. They are trained to kill. Besides the Police will not intentionally shoot an armed person in the hand, arm, or legg, they are aware that the same round could strike an innocent bystander in the head.

  • Jo

    People talk about lack of training on here. Go to any gun range, take a class and yes most are taught by current or former law enforcement officers, and I guarantee no one will teach anything but center mass and head shots. It is hard enough to hit center mass even not under stress much less with a gun pointed at you. A 100 shooter drops to a 75 0r 80 shooter on average under stress. After your handgun class go join the fun at Cedar Hill Paintball Park in Mississippi. Don’t be a wimp and wear pads. Play a game we call stand off. One person shoots then the other shoots til someone quits. After getting shot multiple times, maybe then you will realize that was play but hurt like hell and leaves bruises that last for days and may require medical attention! We also play shoot don’t shoot at the parks and at training sessions. Try that game, don’t accidently kill grandma in the kitchen with the carving knife in her hand. Hot lead at 2400 fps is forever!!! Split second decisions are required in life or death encounters.

    Officers are trained that everyone goes home, but if that is not possible then innocent citizens first, emergency personnel second. and then the suspect. By the way there are always people that don’t leave the area, homes around, and traffic on the street that a stray bullet and could hit. So there is never a perfect scenario to let a suspect shoot and take cover behind a car.

    MPD is now looking for officers thanks to the city council. So those of you that know how to shoot guns out of a trained military vet’s hands, stand behind cars as cover (watch the videos on bullets going through cars like butter), can talk a man down with a rifle that wants to die, or are willing stand let anyone point a rifle that you can not tell is loaded or not at you…….. well your are a Superhero and MPD will pay you about $59 grand minus the $1300 a month for insurance for your services.

    By the way, I guess 38138 had enough and is moving out of Germantown so he doesn’t have time for anymore post! No officer wants confrontation especially one involving deadly force. Praying hard for those officers, family and friends that this man left behind. For those of you want to berate officers and talk about how awful this is, why not concentrate your efforts on the children he left behind. You’ll show how much you care in the months and years to come if you are still around for those children and his family that now has to raise and support them.

  • Ching Ching 88

    Here is the unfortunate part of this situation: the park was cleared (no witnesses), 3, yes I said 3, cops pulled their weapons, and shot this man. Yes he may have been suicidal. And every gun training I have had has taught do not shoot for the head. Why?? Because that means u are trying to kill someone. But when u are a robot, and I am not saying all cops are, but u do what u are told. And they were told to kill this man. So now, no one knows what happened except for the “heroes” and God. So therefore we, the public, will never know what really happened in this lifetime.

  • Jo

    Ching Ching 88 you need a better understanding of your gun training or to go somewhere else! Your taught not to shoot the head because it is a smaller target than center mass. You should be taught to neutralize the threat. Center mass is the heart region. Neutralize does not mean injure because injured people can still shoot and kill. If a bad person is injured and drops his/ her weapon it is called a static situation until it is safe enough to attempt to secure the person and his/ her weapon. The person maybe playing possum and have another weapon, so there are guns still out aimed on him/ her until the threat is secured. In the end, anyone that points a BB gun, cap gun, training gun, rifle, pistol, stick, cell, phone, or any other object that could be mistaken for a gun better obey all of the officers instructions immediately. Don’t let your pride, toughness, or plain stupidity be the cause of your death because well trained civilians and officers will shoot you center mass and possibly in the head. The head shot became more of a standard with law enforcement after the LA Bank shootings because of the availability of body armor to the general public. The sequence is usually taught two center the one head and do not stop until subject is neutralized. Remember the frame of mind is we do the job no other citizens want to do and we are going home today period. Law enforcement is hated by most ,,,,,,,,,, that is until your precious stuff is stolen, a thug puts a gun to your head at a ATM, or your wife/ girlfriend/ daughter ect. is abducted and sexually abused…………. then we are your heroes !!! I guess you were there Ching Ching 88 to know for a fact that the park was totally clear and there are no witnesses. The Germantown Police Department seems that they are very well trained……… they nor anyone else involved in anyway have not said a thing except what the news reported the day after this tragedy. The TBI has shown their ability to properly investigate as in the Holly Bobo case by not releasing any information. When this tragedy’s truth comes out it will be thorough and complete. In the end the police went home and a man that probably was a good man and a war veteran did not due to his stupid / selfish choices. I will just continue to read any other stupid comments but answering will just be beating a dead horse. That is what we do here in Memphis is beat dead horses and never move forward for true change.

  • Ching Ching 88

    JO. is such a cop. And cops are always right. So u just admitted that cops shoot to kill. Thanks for being honest. And yes, the story said the park was cleared. So that means no witnesses. Hmmm. How important is that to the story being one sided??? He cant talk, because the cops killed him. Cops are revenue generators. Most people dont need cops around. And that is a fact.

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