Muddy’s caught in middle of Memphis benefits debate

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The owner of a Memphis bakery in the national spotlight for her baked goods, is also getting some unwanted of attention.

Kat Gordon owns Muddy's Bakery, "I have never experience hate like this before, and don't want to invite more for myself and my team."

In a photo posted on social media, she is seen with Mayor A C Wharton and the caption "chillin with the mayor."

Gordon was celebrating being featured in a New York Times article on Memphis pies and was featured in a photo for the article.

It's a big deal for her and the city.

Supporters of Memphis police and firefighters were furious about the picture.

Julie R wrote, "If a business "stays on the fence" i.e. "neutral", they lose our support. Those that are not WITH US, are AGAINST us...especially those that are posting pics WITH our adversary."

Donna M wrote, "Well I was a Muddy's fan til now! Won't be going back there ever!"

John Y posted, "Some may not agree with me but it is time to DESTROY their businesses like they have DESTROYED the lives of so many innocent people..."

Some felt the 'chillin' comment was too soon after Memphis CAO George Little was quoted saying everyone needed to "chill out" as officers stage a "sick out" over cuts to their medical benefits.

Many people suggested giving her business low ratings and negative comments on social media sites.

Emily Neal Jensen gave Muddy's Bake Shop "No Stars" on its Facebook page, saying Gordon has shown alliance to Mayor Wharton and his "underhandedness."

Another Facebook poster wrote, "Rated her, Blasted her, and I am Disgusted"

Others defended Gordon, "Not everything is a political statement but if you look for conspiracies in every comment and every photo that is what you're going to see. Not every business owner or Memphian is going to feel the animosity towards the mayor as those directly affected. You must use your efforts to continue to EDUCATE and NOT INTIMIDATE those whose support you want."

Customers at Muddy's hadn't heard of the exchange, but sided with the bakery owner saying simply because Gordon took a photo with the Mayor doesn't mean she's taken sides.

"She built this place with love, and Kat isn't anti-police at all," said one customer.

Numerous supporters started posting kind words to the Muddy's Facebook page.

Gordon told WREG, "I have the greatest respect and appreciation for all of Memphis' Civil Servants. The post was truly meant to be nothing more than pro-Memphis and pro-Muddy's."

A post on Facebook read, "To say we are broken hearted by the hate we've received is an understatement, but we will continue to support our city and all its public servants. We remain proud to be Memphians and will keep working toward our mission of making Memphis a happier place by creating outstanding experiences & delicious food and sharing kindness with everyone we meet. Thank YOU for serving this city so faithfully!!!!"


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