DeSoto County To Tackle Levee Breaches

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(Hernando, MS) Short Fork Creek brings lots of water into the Coldwater River basin right along one of DeSoto County’s most important East-West roads.

But take a close look at the levees that keep the creek from running over, and you’ll find several breaches, some of them massive, in the levee.

DeSoto County Supervisor Harvey Lee says the weather this year has made a bad problem worse, ”We just had so much rain, we have had tons and tons of rain and the problem is these levees have blowed out.”

That’s why Supervisors voted to spend nearly $50,000 to repair this levee and shore up some weak spots.

After the flood of 2011, Supervisor Lee says DeSoto County spent $300,000 to repair Holly Springs Road.

He says the levee repair will help prevent a repeat of that damage.

Lee says those levee breaches have contributed to the County having to close the road more often for safety reasons during frequent floods, ”If we don’t stay on top of it then we’re gonna lose the whole levee and if we lose the whole levee then we’re gonna have major problems.”

He said that’s something life threatening and something DeSoto County, and those who live here cannot afford.