Sharp drop in MPD sick calls

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The number of Memphis police officers who have called in sick has dramatically decreased.

As of Monday morning, 269 officers have called in sick.

That is a drop from a height of more than 550 last Monday.

The Memphis Fire Department reports 62 firefighters have called out today.

Of those 52, 42 are on long term sick leave according to the fire department.


  • CJB

    Are the numbers dropping because they have resigned and found some other position in another city or retiring?

  • Think about it first

    I am afraid this city is going to find out why there was a pension when they are horribly short of paramedics in 5 mos. (Atlanta found that out the hard way too/ they dropped pension for police and fire 1998 and brought it back 4 years later because they couldn’t get anybody to risk their lives for less pay and benefits = to a cozy civilian job. Working at dept store or running in burning buildings same pay same benefits. ………..? No brainer .

    • Wake Up Memphis

      Boy, you’d think you wouldn’t have to explain that to adults, huh? Memphis just HAS to re-invent the wheel. Can’t learn from somebody else’s mistakes.

  • Tea Party Rules

    Memphis should just file bankruptcy like Scranton, PA, Stockton, CA and Detroit, MI. Then they can restructure all salaries, pension plans,insurance premiums, and other wasteful spending these blacks in office must think there is an endless supply to tax payer money well this isn’t a EBT card you are using for the city budget. Oh Snap. Yeah Ni66a I went there.

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