Gang sweep a success say police

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(Southaven, MS) Dawn Lebo got a shock when she saw dozens of police cars gather just down the block from her home late Friday, ”I figured something was going on. I wasn’t for sure. There was a whole bunch of ‘em. It wasn’t just Southaven, it was Horn Lake, Sheriff’s Department, SWAT.”

Those officers fanned out across northwest DeSoto County in a wide-ranging gang and drug sweep.

Officers had the most efficient set-up you can imagine to process dozens of arrests.

”We had out command trailer set up to do all the bookings. We had transport officers so that once an arrest was made, transport officers took them to the booking trailer and we handed ‘em off to the County,” explained Southaven Police Lieutenant Mark Little.

The DeSoto Jail had a trailer set up for bookings and a bus standing by to take folks to jail.

This past week’s roundup was the first involving the new DeSoto County Gang Task Force, and it resulted in just under two dozen arrests in four jurisdictions.

Southaven made the bulk of the arrests, but the Sheriff, Horn Lake and Hernando also captured suspects.

Lieutenant Mark Little said we can expect to see this happen again, ”As the task force starts building their cases you may see this in more areas.”

So far, it’s a hit with the people who live here.

”I think it’s awesome. I think it’s a great idea for ‘em to work together because we’re all so close together. I’m very proud of ‘em,” said Lebo.



  • 1midtownmike

    The biggest between Memphis and Desoto county appears to be Desoto county has leaders in law enforcement. Director Armstrong and Mayor Wharton may want to take a field trip south of the state line to see what might benefit Memphis.

    • Dr. JohnS

      I really think you are dreaming now, you know the two are afraid to get out into the city, they would have to have a big force of squad cars before they could go that far.

  • Megan

    Very nice! DC actually cares about the safety of their people and refuse to accept crime as just the norm. Their collaborative efforts make me very proud, too, because that shows a rare unification brought on be serious character.

  • luvbreamfishin'

    Wished the military would have done this,,dragging out the worthless leeche’s dead bodies and throwing them into dump trucks so they could be buried in a landfill. That’s all these rat savages are good for,,,fertilizer.

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