Former Memphis police officer found guilty of raping college student

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Former Memphis Police Officer Aaron Reinsberg has been convicted of two counts of rape involving a student from Rhodes College early Saturday afternoon.

He was also charged with three counts of assault and four counts of official misconduct.

Aaron Reinsberg sentencing will begin next month.


  • Rick

    It’s ok…WREG has to fill it’s 2-3 random white crime stories before they post 30 black ones again.

    • Destiny

      Yeah that’s how it is for an almost completely black city. Go towards Nashville and look in their
      Just Busted papers and you’ll see endless pages of white criminals lol.

      • Matthew M.C. Howl

        The craziest looking mugshots and hotter white chicks always make the cover of just busted, anyone notice that but me?

  • Hard Truths

    ABUSE OF POWER — abuse of the power of the State — should be treated as an aggravating factor in his sentencing.

  • Herenton Jr

    His Johnsonville got inflated so what do you expect from a man. He should have kept paying his pu$$y bill every week and he would have be straight. I mean that $-hit ain’t free.

  • this is b.s.

    There are so many aspects of this that the media didn’t cover. They just chose to paint him as a monster and he was quite the opposite. It disgusts me what scum they are. He was the real victim here and she was an arrogant attention seeking slut. If you only knew the truth.

    • Sophie

      You’re a terrible person. This P.O.S looked up my friend’s information, snuck into her house and raped her. He is a monster and I’m glad justice was served.

  • this is b.s.

    He is not a monster and he did not sneak into her place. Her roommate let him in after she invited him over and she told him not to leave when he offered. He looked her up to see what her record was before he went over, not for her address. Justice will be served when she burns for her lies.

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