SCS asks Wharton for $57 million

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Dorsey Hopson, Superintendent of  Shelby County Schools, has once again asked Memphis Mayor A C Wharton for the $57 million a court has ruled it is owed.

The money is educational funds not paid for 2008-2009.

Hopson says SCS, and before it MCS, has offered to work with the city on payments.

Hopson has even offered to take payments over a 12 year period.

Memphis has been ordered to pay the money, but the city counter sued and is scheduled to go to court in April of 2015.

Hopson wrote, “If the court dismisses the City’s counterclaim, the City immediately will be responsible for a $57 million dollar payment, plus interest.”

The request comes at a time when the city is bleeding money and reducing employee health benefits to put money into the pension system after years of underpaying.



  • Wake Up Memphis

    This is your elected officials’ work. It’s time to flush, Memphis. The Chamber of Commerce has tried to ruin the city twice now, and they are doing a pretty good job of either snookering the city administration or they are in bed together. Either way Memphis deserves better that the city administration it has now. Infrastructure first, then amenities. Pay your current bills then pay for extras.

  • houndog

    When Mayor Hackett was voted out of office, the city had a 100 million dollar surplus. But you know the story.

  • Gonebabygone

    There are still mostly empty pillars of the community to close. If anyone needs to trim fat, it is the newly renamed MCS boondoggle.

    Will they ever produce accurate enrollment numbers?! Every year they come up with an excuse…

    • DetlaEB

      Is this enrollment in the schools you are referring to? If so, that is easy–Hire the OLD retired people, give them a Yellow legal pad, some #2 pencils, and a list of the schools. Let them get together, divide the list and on to each school and start counting the pupils on the teachers’ lists. They do have a list don’t they? NO computers. Can’t argue with that yellow tablet when they are finished..We know how to count in 5’s, too. Pay scale: Minimum wage, so much a mile for gas- no lunch ticket (we’ll take a nutritious sack lunch and drink). You will help us with grocery money and necessities with NO arguing or trouble making. The City gets outstanding employees. How about it AC?

      • Gonebabygone

        Sounds like a plan to me. This outfit is another wasteful money pit of nepotism and bureaucracy. Top down cuts are needed badly and more when there is an actual headcount of students.

  • Disappointed

    Enough is enough. People need to question the millions currently in the city budget for “misc professional services,” and push back on raleigh springs mall. That mall is in a crappy part of town and folded because no one wants to have a business there, much less shop there. Put the money towards the employees, and now the school debt owed to Shelby county schools. They couldn’t run MCS & now they will end up destroying SCS. When is this city going to wake up & stop voting these idiots into office?? When we are just like Detroit?? We are getting closer by the day. And we are only 3 cities away from being the most dangerous city as it is.

  • Just Saying

    This is a prime example of elected officials need to be elected for qualifications not color of skin. Wake up Memphis just because they’re the same color as you does not mean there going to stand by you!

  • Truelysaddened

    Well they will have a few extra dollars this cause I’m taking my 3 children out of whatever new school system you want to call it. I use to base where I lived at because of the schools. No more…..

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