County attorneys say “probably” is close enough for Justin Ford

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Shelby County attorneys wrapped up their investigation into whether he lives in his district with a "probably."

Jason Mays moved into the Fairway Apartments more than two years ago, but until Friday, never knew Shelby County Commissioner Justin Ford is his neighbor.

"I don't knock nobody for where they stay at. Or what they doing. If they are doing something positive, I've got positive things to say about it."

The county attorneys office started questioning where Ford lives about the same time it investigated fellow Commissioner Henri Brooks.

Investigators came up with very different results. They said Brooks doesn't live in her district but on Thursday announced Ford "probably" does live on Tulane Cove.

They did admit it's odd his power and water was off for two-and-a-half-years, and he wouldn't provide them a copy of his lease.

But some neighbors don't think that matters.

Mays said, "It don't matter where he live at. It don't make no difference where you live at. If you're doing something positive for the people, go with it."

Ford told investigators he shut the power off because he was struggling to pay the bills.

In the meantime, Brooks' investigation is possibly headed to criminal court, but Ford's neighbors think the law is wrong.

"Now that's the law, right. But they need to change that."


  • D.Slayer

    This is BULL!!!!! They have fire county employees for less than this!!!!!! Lutrell and his administration have to GO!!!!!!

  • nobody

    It should be obvious to even the most casual observer that he didn’t live in that apartment for 2 years without power or water.

  • lawman

    He knows he has lost public trust and he won’t win the election. I hope he gets his life back in order a get help. I don’t believe he can handle defeat.

  • gypsy lee

    if ford or brooks were white they would have both been kicked off the council, but because most of the members
    lawyers and even judges are black , nothing will be done to them. the whites of this city council and law makers
    need to call a halt to all of this. they need to be fair but get rid of the wrong doers

  • lawman

    Yes, new to the area and I face what you fear on a daily basis, no questions asked. I am in a position that requires me to stay informed. If that’s hard to believe then hey so be it. I can stand on the truth. I have no problem with the city of Memphis, only the ones who make decisions. You don’t have to be her long to recognize corruption. Rusty its called being well informed. I can only assume you are offended because I speak of one of your associates.

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