City workers sick over changes to health care benefits

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A bad case of the Blue Flu takes a quarter of all police officers off the streets as they protest a 24 percent increase in health care premiums for all city workers.

Later in the week, we started hearing about firefighters getting a case of Red Rash.

The Informed Sources look at this from all angles, including how everyone from elected leaders to union leaders to business leaders have responded, and who are the winners and losers.


  • stashamo

    If I could go into work and sit behind a desk with a cast on my ankle I would. But I can’t. So, I’m “Off sick”. An increase in insurance premiums or taking insurance from retirees leaving them a few hundred dollars to get by in a month? Thank you for your support and spewing your own uneducated opinions and plans into the public’s mind. How about looking at where the money went when employees took a pay cut a few years back? It certainly didn’t go to paying schools like it was supposed to.

    Thank you for the training and experience, I’m leaning more and more to leaving this sinking ship before it takes my family with it.

    • Brandon

      Thank you for your service. I’m sorry this city decided to stab you in the back, but King Wharton needs a nicer car and a bigger house. Don’t be so selfish! Obamacare should cover lubricant so it won’t hurt as bad.

      I’m joking of course, but thank you for your service. I think being an officer in one of the most dangerous cities in America will look excellent on your resume. You should have no problem getting on with a department that cares about its officers. Good luck to you and your family. We’re praying this situation comes to a resolution that satisfies all.

  • Whatnews?

    City workers have had an increase in insurance premiums every year for at least the last 4 years. You don’t have the facts. Firefighters earn 18 hours of sick time per month. Firefighters work a 24 hour shift. That isn’t even a day per month. That doesn’t seem generous at all. I bet Burger King gives more sick time than that. Burger King also pays Social Security for their employees.

  • Rick

    Hard to believe, no black on black crime since Friday? Seriously? Looks like the news agencies are all just hiding the crime to make AC look good.

  • Joe

    as usual……the whining continues……guess what city workers….including the :we’re better than the rest of you” police and fire employees…….benefit costs are going up for all of us….private or public

    get used to it……you elected these officials who promised you more that we could afford

    you are reaping what you sowed……end of story

  • Joe

    raise sales taxes in a crummy deal behind closed doors with the union? really?

    NO WAY… will be rejected…….take your overly cushy benefits and shove it

    • Whatnews?

      Take your security blanket of police and fire in Memphis and shove it if they don’t get this right. Private sector loves to say “it happened to us” like that makes it right. When it happened to the private sector the public sector didn’t throw parties to celebrate. Your tax dollars are being wasted on business deals and you keep blaming it on fire and police because you refuse to educate yourself.

  • The Taxpayer is who is sick

    I couldn’t care less what the city workers are sick of. The TAXPAYER is sick of government unions, teacher tenure, Cadillac healthcare plans for life, pensions for life while in your 50’s, 30 days vacations, paid sick days and holidays, and your constant whining about how tough your job is. Tough is working with cyanide on Fite Rd for $10 an hour. Tough is running the registers, stocking the stores of the major corporations for $8 an hour with absolutely no benefits. Tough is driving the highways 13 hours a day all the while knowing you are destroying your body. Get off your soap boxes and join the rest of the world the unions and democrats have caused and join the rest of us peons whose sole purpose is to turn over our pay checks so these socialists can spread the wealth.
    My philosophy is if you don’t like your job then QUIT.

    • Whatnews?

      Nobody is complaining about the job. The complaint is about being lied to by politicians. Being told we would receive certain benefits and then them taking those benefits.

      Nobody gets 30 vacation days or 30 sick days. That is BS media reporting. If they did proper research you would know the truth.

      • Politicians lied? LOL

        Being lied to by politicians!! You mean like Obama telling us we could keep our insurance? We could keep our doctor? Our premiums would go down over $2500 per year? Is that the kind of lies you are talking about? Well this crud has already hit me in my pocketbook by these lying Democrats, so get in line.

    • Hunter

      Wow !!! Sounds like you like dangerous low paying unappreciated jobs. Maybe you should consider becoming a fireman or cop so you could really have something to “cry” about. It’s just a hunch but I’ve never heard of cyanide running out of a business with a gun firing shots or trying to drive a car over you .

  • takenobull

    All of yall are to up tight. May I suggest you take your wife and two kids to the City owned base ball park. The City Council and the administration of Mayor A C Wharton reconciled and voted for the city to acquire AutoZone Park from Fundamental Advisors for $19.5 million in January of 2014. You could buy all drinks and hotdogs for five bucks a piece unless you a poor tax payer and can only watch baseball on TV. If that is so you could go to the end of Beale street and enjoy a meal at the City owned Restaurant at Beale street Landing that you as a tax payer paid 40 million for this year. If you can’t afford that you could go to the Pyramid on Mud Island that you as a tax payer paid for. Wait the Pyramid was a bust now its going to sell fishing tackle. Ok how about buying bicycles for all the family and riding across the multimillion dollar bicycle lane being built across the river. If that is to expensive go to one of the multimillion dollar community centers being built and play checkers. Maybe you want to just stay around the house. If so you and your family could see who can count the largest numbers of pot holes on your street or abandon homes with weeds.

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