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Chamber of Commerce President talks about supporting health cuts

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Memphis Chamber of Commerce has found itself smack dab in the middle of the pension funding controversy.

That's because it vocally supported the health care cuts passed by the Memphis City Council.

Chamber President Phil Trenary joined us to talk about why his organization supports the cuts.

The chamber maintains the cuts are better than a hefty tax increase that would hurt businesses and all citizens.

The chamber believes tax hike could cause some businesses to close and potential businesses to go elsewhere.


  • Torya Williams

    So we’re more concerned about a business leaving than human beings? This is Sickening. As a Memphian, I’ve watched these tax break businesses leave in about ten years anyway. Businesses don’t run into burning buildings or apprehend active shooters. Your business can leave, that will be an opportunity for a local business to grow!

  • Bruce Barham

    Lesser of two evils mentality. No acceptance for the irresponsibility of stewards.Sorry, but you need find better solution than taxing . Sell something. Cut everything. Make funding your priority. Remove pilot program. Honor your contracts and admit the error of dishonoring them to begin with.

  • joyce

    We have more options than cutting those benefits or a tax increase. WHY DOESN’T THIS CITY STOP SPENDING MONEY? Stop spending on junk projects and start cutting the budget. Get rid of top heavy government we now have in place and cut, cut and cut some more. Stop handing out tax incentives to big business….let them go somewhere else. I could care a less.

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