Auto theft victim to pay $2,800 for return of car

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Memphis man who had his car stolen says he's being victimized twice and it's just not fair. He had his car stolen and now he's having to pay thousands to get it back.

Wendell Richards had his car stolen from his driveway in South Memphis back in March. It was found fivedays after that, but because he wasn't notified until two days ago, he's the one having to pay almost $3,000 in storage fees.

He says getting around has been tough since his car was stolen back, but getting it back is even tougher. The tow truck company says he owes $2,800 in tow and storage fees.

He shows us the report a Memphis police officer took the day his car was stolen. It's dated March 9th. On March 14th, Whaley Auto Repair and Towing in Covington picked up the car after the suspect was arrested in Mason.

The police chief in Mason said Memphis police hadn't entered into the law enforcement system that the car was stolen, even though it had been five days. Had they done the report in a more timely manner, the chief says Richards would have gotten his car back without cost. It would have been placed at a government impound lot instead of with a private company.

David Whaley says his $2,800 storage and towing bill is justified even though he admits it stinks he had to send it to the victim.

Whaley say he feels sorry Richards is stuck with the bill, and says someone with the Memphis police department dropped the ball and they should be responsible.

WREG asked for a response from Memphis police about the allegations they dropped the ball. We're still waiting on a response.

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  • Dr. JohnS

    I sure hope you do not hold your breath while you wait. I do not know who is in charge of system, but when mine was stolen I had to find it myself at the impound lot. Still had to pay storage fees, really did irk me that I was victimized twice.

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