Investigation finds Justin Ford ‘probably’ lives in district

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Commissioner Justin Ford told investigators he lives in the district he represents but did not have utilities for more than two years because, “he does not have a high salary and has faced financial challenges that have forced him to make sacrifices.”

Ford earns $29,000 per year for his District 3 commission job and reportedly works at his family’s funeral home.

The report, done by the Shelby County attorney, notes Ford said he would provide a copy of his lease but, “neither Commissioner Ford nor Fairways leasing office has produced a copy of the lease agreement for our review.”

Still, it has been decided Ford ‘probably’ lives in the Fairway Apartment complex.

Utilities were reportedly re-connected the week questions were raised about the residency of commissioner Henri Brooks.

Ford is the son of former County Commissioner and Interim Shelby County Mayor Joe and Cheryl Ford.

Several people questioned how someone, especially a member of the Ford family, would live that long with no heat or air conditioning for more than two years.

An employee of the complex and a neighbor said they have seen Ford from time to time.

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  • MPD Officer

    LIKE Henri Brooks says “Hi-Tech Lenchin”…the second we speak up, they seek to terminate..Just like the Jim Crow days….Funny People,LOL!

    • Indian Andy

      So you believe he can’t pay a light bill after making just $29,000 and working at Ford’s Funeral Home? His car costs twice that much. You get to quit wasting time on Facebook and get back to work.

  • Phyllis

    Did anyone even think it would be proven? I guess when I go vote next time I do not have to prove where I live because if these so called Commissioners do not have to prove where they lived, then why should I? Memphis government from AC Wharton on down the line are so corrupt. SHAME ON YOU MEMPHIS FOR ELECTING THESE FOOLS INTO A POST THAT YOU KNOW THEY DO NOT LIVE IN. A child going to school has to take so many things to prove they live in a district where the school is, and these clowns do not. CORRUPTION AT ITS BEST FOLKS, HAD THEY BEEN WHITE, THEN THERE WOULD BE NO QUESTION ABOUT THEM VACATING THEIR SEAT RACISM AT ITS BEST!!!!!

  • lawman

    I have been in Memphis for 18 months. I have never seen so much corruption and profit for lying politician. Mr. Ford and Mrs. Brooks I speak for me and other Officers like myself. YOU WILL NOT GET MY VOTE.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    boy, phyllis, u got that shit right! tell ya what, when u go to vote, they ask for ID to prove anything, refuse to show it. if ford can suddenly have utilities turned on where he doesnt even really live…. enroll your kids in the school of your choice. refuse to show documentation of residency that proves u are enrolling in proper district. if FORD AND BROOKS can do it, SO CAN U!! double standards at its best!

  • Jim

    Ford and Brooks are text book examples of why Memphis will soon be just like Detroit. Thank God, I moved my family from Memphis years ago. I suggest that you do the same.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    bottom is there is no PROBABLY to it!!! FORD lives in specified district or DOESNT!!! pure and sImple!!gets utIlItIes turned on temporarIly!!! such a farce!!! purepur

  • Nonsense

    Get rid of all the Fords and anyone else on the committee..They are leaches…living on our tax dollars why everyone else suffers…


    I bet if the records for tracking their cell phone location for the last few years were seized, that would answer where they live.

    Not to mention where their bills etc are mailed to. You can pick up your bills from a friends house but where your cell phone goes, that’s where you’re at.

    People investigating these losers sure don’t seem to be very thorough.

  • YeahIsaidIt

    If he lies about something as simple as where he actually lives just to have a seat on the board, imagine what he is doing with your money, tax payers. Chew on that.

  • james

    i wonder who he has in his hip pocket. all of a sudden now the tune changes to say that, “he probably does reside in the district he represents”. he either is or he ain’t. no in betweens. sounds like henri brooks has something on him.

  • problematic

    There is absolutely no way in hell that he lives in those apartments in the hood, no f’n way! His 29,000 a year salary is such bs. when he walks around in expensive suits and is a heir to a very successful funeral home business. this is just insulting all of our intelligence! smh

    • Phyllis

      We all know that just as well as we know that Henri Brooks does not live where she said she does. When you go get a library card you have to show them proof of your residence, used to be MLGa&W bill, AT&T plus a form of ID with your photo on it, but to work for the city of Memphis as Commissioners, all that is required is being black.

  • Let My People Go

    People just let this young brotha do his job. He can’t help what he does because of his bloodline being a Ford it is his genetic predisposition.

  • Terrie

    Go rent the movie “Idiotacracy” with Brandon Fraiser. That is how memphis will end up!
    I dont think we’ve herad the last out of what happend to brooks. She’s looking at felony charges! yay! haha!

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