Greg Davis headed to prison for embezzlement

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. -- Former Southaven Mayor Greg Davis has been sentenced to 15 years in prison, but will only spend 2.5 years behind bars.

Davis will be on supervised release for 7.5 years.

A total of 2.5 years was suspended and another 2.5 will be served at the same time he is already behind bars.

Davis was convicted of embezzlement and defrauding the government last month.

Davis will pay back $17,827.14 and a little less than $1,000 in auditor costs on count one.

After his sentencing, Davis was immediately taken into custody, however his attorney filed for a bond, and Davis was released a short time later.

The law allows Davis to remain home with his family, while he appeals his guilty verdict.

Circuit Court Judge Robert Chamberlin could have sentenced Davis to 25 years.

The 2007 Ford Expedition was reportedly valued at $46,000 when Davis paid $11,000 for it when he was mayor.

Davis also reportedly used city gas in his personal vehicle while receiving reimbursements for gas and travel.

During sentencing, attorney Steve Farese said media gave a biased view of the case, and the community was ultra-right wing which tainted the jury, since Davis is gay.

"Seventy percent of republican voters in DeSoto went for McDaniel, an extreme conservative that is so far right, that he has to look left, to see how far right he is," said Farese.

The judge said there was a fair and impartial jury, that 123 jurors were brought in, of which 68 knew about the case.

According to the judge, 24 potential jurors said they could not be impartial due to media coverage and one said they could not be impartial because Davis is gay.

Prosecutor John Champion told the court Davis never accepted responsibility and if he had, "we may not be here right now."

Davis will likely remain home for another 2 years while he appeals his verdict, if he loses again, at that point he'll head to a state prison outside of Jackson.

District Attorney John Champion points out the Federal Government is also investigating, and if they file charges against Davis, which could also affect his bond status in some way.

Champion says because so many people are involved, the case is extremely complicated.


  • Mrs. Lawrence

    This is ridiculous!!! He gets 10 years but 7.5 free on house arrest probably and the other 2.5 on parole or probation. The laws that we have only protects certain ppl and I guess Ray Nagin wasnt one of them since he has to do his whole 10years in prison for probably similar charges.

    • utmman

      I fully agree with you Mrs. Lawrence and you should blame the judge. A 15 year sentence vs 25 years possible is bad enough but then to only have to spend 2.5 locked up is a travesty of justice and not a strong message to other corrupt politicians.
      Southaven should remember this when and if this judge ever comes up for reelection.

  • Joe

    You are right Mrs. Lawrence it is ridiculous. Ray Nagin was convicted of 20 of 21 charges and he only got 10 years. I guess Greg Davis wasn’t one of those certain people you mentioned.

  • Kelly

    Actually the article above states he was sentenced to 15 years and has to do 2.5 behind bars. Did you not read the article?

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    sentenced to 15 yrs but has to do ONLY 2.5 yrs behInd bars wIth the rest of It beIng supervIsed release! what a joke!! any ordInary cItIzen would have to do a mInImum of half that 15.

  • Hard Truths

    He’s getting off pretty light. Hope he has a fun time in prison.

    And I wish SO much it was King Willie going in with him.

    • Let My People Go

      He actually probably would like to drop the soap so he can catch some of those BBC in the shower room.

  • Hard Truths

    And to think, the Republicans almost got him elected to Congress in — was it 2008?

    Mr. Family Values. Straight arrow. Flag. Bible. Guns. Yeehah!

    • Pam

      The ones yelling loudest about being the most conservative are always the ones you gotta watch out for ….

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