City sends cease-and-desist to Lyft, Uber

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis has put the brakes on popular ride-sharing services, saying the businesses don’t have  proper permits to operate.

A cease-and-desist notice was sent out to companies like Uber and Lyft.

As easy as just using a smart phone app, the services allow people to get rides from private drivers and pay them for the lift.

In Memphis, it’s become more popular than taking a taxi because it’s often a lot cheaper.

Lyft tells us it hopes to work things out with city leaders so it can resume service in Memphis.


    • Memphis86

      It’s a cease and desist and odds are preeeetty high that they will comply. So, no, you won’t be using them.

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  • memphish

    The Taxi services are just butt hurt that they didn’t think of this idea 1st. It’s an easier way to get a ride, when YOU need a ride, not when the taxi driver can get there. Also, they don’t discriminate on the Handicap like METRO taxi does in Memphis. If our city had awesome public transportation, i can see them sending these services a cease-and-desist, but since we don’t, we should be welcoming them with open arms.

  • Gordon shumway

    Lyft is an awesome idea. I wonder if yellow cab being a member of the chamber of commerce has any bearing on this? After all they seem to run the city Hmmmm

  • Memphian

    Considering how horrible the existing cab services are, I’m not surprised by this. Memphis needs to embrace this change and correct the broken laws that have allowed those services to operate as a monopoly for so long.

  • Surprised?

    The taxi services in Memphis are the worst I’ve ever experienced. Whether it’s Lyft, Uber, or the next incarnation of this service, the currently over-regulated joke of a product that Memphis cab companies offer is on its way out. It’s only a matter of time, and it’s too bad that Memphis has to once again stumble during the process of ‘out with the old, in with the new.’

  • William

    All Lyft and Uber have to do is comply with the city ordinance. But these billion dollar companies are too cheap to do that. So why would that be? Perhaps it’s NOT about money, and it’s because the drivers and vehicles can’t meet the standards set out in the ordinance. There’s time and expense [but not THAT much] for cab companies and drivers to comply. a level playing field is all that is being asked.

  • RiverboatGmblr

    The only compliance they need is to comply with picking me up when I need it and getting me there on time. Uber does just fine with that. Maybe if the taxis in Memphis did that someone would rather pay than for a ride.

  • spencer

    To use lyft, you have to have a valid credit card. As a driver, you must provide the same as well as a picture and have a car that is less than 10 years old. Lyft comes out and verifies your driving and vehicle, plus provides 1 million dollars liability insurance. Honestly, most taxi drivers are a bit creepy. I’ll take a citizen trying to help and make money any day.

  • JessieCups

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  • movernshaker

    Commentators, you are missing the point. This is something that most commentators don’t analyze when they read stories like this. The people that created the fictitious name “Lyft” for a company name to provide a service (modern-day taxi service) has an inalienable right to operate their business without a permit. The living flesh & blood beings behind the company name has a God given right, whether you believe in a Creator or not, to operate a business without a license. That’s called Sovereignty. The flesh and blood people are Sovereign and they are their own jurisdiction aka authority.

    The flesh and blood beings that operate the city of Memphis are operating in a fictitious capacity aka legal entities. The flesh and blood behind the Lyft name should not in their individual capacity as Sovereign beings give up their control & lawful right, not talking about law aka public policy in which the city is operating on to operate their business. Once the flesh and blood give up their Sovereignty, then it will be difficult to get back.

    I’m talking about the 3rd party that most flesh and blood beings don’t know about, which is the strawman. To help put things into perspective, I have a question. Do you write your name in all caps. I didn’t think so. In grade school, you were taught to write your name in uppercase, lowercase. When you receive mail with your “name” on it, what case does it be in? Of course, it’s in all caps.

    There are millions of people who have been tricked into this con. For those who think the people behind Uber and Lyft should just comply to “authority”, you got it all wrong. Those people should assert their Sovereign status by not contracting with the city of Memphis with a permit. If they contract with the city for a permit, they will be acting in the strawman all caps capacity and would be giving up their business ownership to the state. So the flesh and blood beings behind Uber and Lyft should fight this.

  • Jeff Deutsch

    I’m not sure the city council has been given valid information from the cab companies. Lyft and Uber are apps that link people who need a ride with someone who is willing to offer that ride. Our cars (yes I’m a ride giver) are inspected, insurance verified, and a background check performed. Prior to approval to drive. Secondly, we are rated by every friend we give a ride to. Should we fall below a very aggressively high rating of 4.6 we are deactivated. This order is a bump in the road that will open up great lines of communication between Lyft & Uber and the community we serve.

  • thor592

    Lyft drivers are all people that LOVE being drivers for the community. They love people. They love helping people. They love putting a smile in the heart of a fellow and sharing the Lyft-spirit. All drivers have a background check, dmv check, must have a current and valid license, registration, and insurance. Lyft provides 1 million coverage and is the primary insurance for the driver and passenger while the lyft is in progress. Lyft offers the first ride free up to $25 to all brand new lyft app users. Each driver has a referral code that can be entered at the time of the lyft app download that will provide you with the free lyft. My code is DAWN703. Download the app, enter my code, take a free lyft and decide for yourself. We know you will love lyft as much as we do!!! Happy lyfting! #lyft

  • pinkie pie lyft

    With Lyft, we are your friend with a car. As a driver, we go through rigorous steps to drive and our Lyft insurance has recently been updated so that from the moment we are requested, Lyft provides our primary insurance. Every single driver is already insured to be qualified to even drive. Our goal is help build our community and share rides with our new friends. Unlike taxis, you see what we drive and what we look like the second we accept your request. Also, unlike taxis, a passenger knows when we will arrive and can even watch us on a map as we approach. Lyft stands behind us and there are so many satisfied passengers out there, who once were skeptical, and after their first Lyft experience, knew that they had found something special. We greet with a fist bump and we rock our pink mustaches to help make your day better.

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