Can the TrueSharp save quilters from constantly buying new rotary cutters?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A rotary cutter is a quilter's best friend, but not when the blades are dull. The TrueSharp blade sharpener claims to sharpen your blade with a push of a button.

But Does It Work?

Norahann Miller loves to quilt. She works on a project every week, and uses a rotary cutter, which is a circular blade attached to a handle. But the blade must be laser sharp. If it's just a tad dull, you throw it out.

"I go through a blade a project," she said.

With blades running between three to five dollars each, it quickly adds up!

"I'm hoping that within the first month, the cost of the machine will offset the cost of the blades it would save me."

With a price tag of $35, we hope so too. The TrueSharp Power Rotary Blade Sharpener comes with a blade sharpener, AC power cord, instructions, safety blade handler, sharpening stones, blade oil and a cleaning cloth.

We decided to sharpen a slightly dull blade. We saturated both sharpening stones with blade oil as the instructions stated and placed the dull blade inside.

"It sits flush against the sharpening stone."

So we closed the lid, plugged it in, and pressed down on the button for 30 seconds. Then we flipped it over and repeated the step for another 30 seconds. Now to place the blade back in the rotary cutter to see if it's sharp enough.

To compare, Norahann effortlessly sliced through a piece of fabric with a fresh new blade.

As for the dull blade that was just sharpened, "It just skipped. I'm using the same pressure as the new blade."

"It did not cut through."

TrueSharp blade sharpener, you failed the Does It Work test!

The makers of the TrueSharp Power Rotary Blade Sharpener sent WREG a statement saying, "Users of the product need to know and understand sharpening a blade can be a process."

The statement also explained sharpening could take longer than expected depending on the blade.

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